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IT Compliance and Risk Management

How do you know if your company is compliant when it comes to
IT demands and regulations, which are ever-changing in the online world? When looking for a security company that can help you with IT compliance businesses, trusts Solvere One to ensure your company is compliant.

During mergers and acquisitions, an evaluation with IT compliance and Risk Management is required to identify possible risks and opportunities once the deal is completed. This is a standard operating procedure for mergers and acquisitions, but with the growth of IT in the workplace, properly assessing the value and risk of IT has become increasingly important. Investors, however, are not IT specialists and often have difficulty performing IT compliance.

What We Do

Flexible IT Risk Management Services

Investors often lack the technical knowledge required to properly and accurately assess a company’s IT systems and assets and don’t know how to correct issues, identify challenges, or recognize opportunities presented by merging IT operations. Additionally, investors often have difficulty determining whether a company’s IT expenditure is above or below what’s normal in that industry.

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What We Do

When Performing IT Compliance Some Of What We Look For Include:

  • People and Process

    On the average, 80% of risk and associated frameworks cannot be asses by plugging into a network, but evaluating people and process in a manner that does not interrupt productivity. We us patented technology to asses people and process in a manner that is holistically with all of an organization’s assets

  • Systems

    We evaluate the systems your business has in place, whether they are suitable for the industry, and whether they are appropriate for the company size. We also evaluate whether users of current systems are happy and whether they’re supported by existing staff or vendors.

  • Infrastructure

    Are there any hardware and network infrastructures currently in place for your IT compliance? If so, we will evaluate them and also any outstanding issues, value of infrastructure assets, and more.

  • Existing IT Staff

    We evaluate the size and skill level of the existing IT staff and how it compares to similar companies in the industry for your IT compliance assessment.

  • Budget

    How does a company’s IT spending compare to similar companies in the same industry? There may be savings you’re unaware of for your IT compliance.

What We Do


IT Compliance in Rapidly Changing Technology Environments

Completing a thorough IT compliance and Risk Management assessment is an important part of any merger or acquisition. Information technology departments vary greatly between companies and are often incompatible with other systems.

The smart businesses that we work with know that overlooking these details can most certainly be a very costly mistake.

What We Do

Technology and Security Compliance with Solvere One

Our IT compliance and Risk Management assessments help your business to effectively manage risks, protect your data, enjoy secure networks, and give you the best IT infrastructure out there. Having secure data as well as networks and IT equipment isn’t just about you or your employees—your business could be liable to pay damages if you’re fined or else end up in a lawsuit because you weren’t IT compliant.

Being IT compliant is more than just adhering to internal or external regulations. IT compliance is about protecting your business, your employees, and your customers. Your data is more at risk now than ever, and the threats are real. Learn how you can better protect your business today with Solvere One’s IT compliance assessments.

We’re here to make your business as secure as possible and to set you up for a successful risk management system with a thorough IT compliance assessment.

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What We Do

Allow Us to Navigate the Complex Maze of IT Environments

Our detailed IT compliance analysis allows us to create a complete plan of action for your newly combined companies—cutting down on unforeseen costs and hassles in the future. Here are some more benefits:

  • Cost-Saving Opportunities

    What existing contracts are in place? Are there opportunities for consolidation? Are the current contract obligations competitive in rates? Can outsourcing cut costs while maintaining or improving capabilities? We’ll help you figure out this and more!

  • Personnel

    We assess whether there are any key personnel that need to be retained after the merger or acquisition has been completed for your IT compliance.

  • Measurable Results

    We are results-driven providing the most optimal outcomes for our clients. Regardless of whether your goal is to improve internal controls, or targeting ways in which to leverage systems capabilities, we promise to deliver the the very best possible outcomes.

  • Employee Threats

    Employees pose a big risk to keeping data safe. They may not be as adept as IT personnel to recognize a threat or to stay off of certain sites. Employees should be educated along with using behavioral monitoring to ensure threats are kept at a minimum