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IT Procurement Northern Virginia

Take advantage of Solvere One’s industry-leading partnerships and expertise to procure the information technology you need to run your business at a price you can afford, all with a simplified process for a positive experience.

IT procurement can be an expensive and stressful aspect of your business that requires a significant amount of time and resources to manage in-house. Why not secure better prices for your equipment and take some of the burden off your internal team by outsourcing your technology procurement in Northern Virginia to Solvere One?

We’ve been in business for over two decades and have secured partnerships with leading technology vendors to provide our clients the best equipment at the best price. Our team works with businesses with various budgets to help them get the technology they need at a price they can afford with our IT procurement services.

What We Do

Find the Right Equipment With Us

As a result of our partnerships and resources, Solvere One is able to secure bulk pricing for IT equipment and pass the savings along to our clients. We save you the hassle of finding vendors, establishing a relationship, negotiating pricing, and placing orders. Our experienced and friendly team handles all this for you and more. As a small business with dedicated professionals, we focus on helping you get the right technologies at the right price without regard to our financial interests.

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What We Do

IT Procurement at Its Best

We understand that IT procurement can not only be an expensive and stressful process, but a confusing one. With so many technologies available, it’s essential to both your daily operations and your bottom line to find the right ones for your needs. Solvere One helps you evaluate your IT needs and review all your Northern Virginia IT procurement options.

  • Take the Guesswork Out of Purchasing

    Stop wondering if you’re getting the best price or even the right hardware and software for your needs. Solvere One has the industry experience and vendor relationships so you know that you’re getting the lowest price for the technologies you need to stay competitive.

  • Hit the Ground Running

    We don’t just help you secure the right IT equipment—our professionals can help you set everything up and learn how it works. Solvere One also provides continued monitoring and support for your equipment for proactive technology solutions.

  • Gain Expert Insight

    Our decades in business have allowed us to cultivate a deep familiarity with top technology vendors and their equipment. Our knowledge and insight can help you weigh the strengths and weaknesses of your options so you can make an informed decision for your IT.

  • Refocus Your Efforts

    With our team managing your IT procurement needs, you can refocus your efforts on your business. Don’t waste time or money attempting to handle everything yourself or delegating these tasks to employees—we’ve got you covered for an affordable flat fee.

What We Do

We Partner With Leading Vendors

In pursuit of delivering the highest quality service and technologies to our clients, Solvere One has partnered with leading vendors, including Apple, AT&T, Microsoft, Dell, and Cisco. However, we haven’t just partnered with these industry leaders to bring you great prices—we also continue to learn and receive support from them to bring you cutting-edge solutions.

Solvere One is proud to be a Certified Partner with Google and Microsoft 365, a Sophos and Apple Authorized Reseller, and a Cisco, Dell, and VMware Technology Partner. Find out more about what our partnerships mean for you by booking a consultation with us today.

What We Do

Why Choose Solvere One?

Our industry experience combined with leading technologies allows you to harness the IT solutions you need for your business. Solvere One’s small but talented team is dedicated to delivering the best purchasing experience for your technology procurement in Northern Virginia. We are proud to:

  • Always maintain communication and transparency
  • Take a partnership-centric approach to your needs
  • Help you solve problems so you can reach your goals
  • Provide personalized services from real, local professionals
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What We Do

Leverage Our Resources

  • Comprehensive Management

    Solvere One can step in and fully manage your IT procurement to make the process affordable, simple, and stress-free. Combined with the cost savings of our services, you can ensure you have all the technologies you need to keep your business running smoothly.

  • Maximize Value

    As the market changes, we are always looking for opportunities to provide our clients with additional cost savings or new technologies that would benefit their business. You can trust our team to consistently provide the best value for your Northern Virginia IT procurement.

  • Better Efficiency

    Our procurement services can help improve your operational efficiency and provide better resiliency against risks such as supply chain shortages and unexpected delays. Solvere One makes it possible for you to always have the resources you need to continue doing business.