10 Great Working From Home Tips & Advice For 2020
  • 10 Great Working From Home Tips & Advice For 2020
    10 Great Working From Home Tips & Advice For 2020

    10 Working From Home Tips

    Millions of people are now working from home due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic. If you’re suddenly finding yourself in your pajamas at one in the afternoon, it’s time to consider some working from home tips.

    It’s certainly possible to stay sane and productive while working from home, even if your living arrangements make doing so challenging. Here’s some of the best advice for working from home to help you through this unconventional time!

    maintain good postureHave Good Posture

    It’s time to forgo the couch and have an office space that supports proper posture. Now that you don’t have the excuse that you’re stuck at work, take this opportunity to move plenty throughout the day.

    You can even walk outside while doing phone calls or during breaks to promote physical health!

    time management advice working from homeUse Your Time Wisely

    Distractions at home can make it easy to waste time, whether your 15-minute break turned into an hour-long Netflix binge or you spent an unreasonable amount of time looking for something to eat.

    The best advice for working from home includes maintaining a schedule and using your time wisely.

    Prep meals or snacks, or schedule something to do on your break that needs to be done around the house, such as doing a load of laundry or grabbing the mail.

    limit interruptionsLimit Interruptions

    Life at home can easily interrupt your workflow. Between noise from your neighbors, disruptions from your family, or social media notifications, distractions can quickly kill your productivity.

    Research shows it takes over 23 minutes to get back on task after being interrupted.

    With so much time at stake, curbing your distractions make sense. Invest in noise-canceling headphones if you need to and turn social media notifications off, then get to work!

    take time for yourselfDon’t Feel Guilty for Taking Time for Yourself

    It’s still important to take time for yourself and have downtime outside of work. Whether you schedule this time in your breaks or have relaxing time after work, don’t feel guilty for taking care of yourself.

    Exercise, get chores done, or have a video call with a friend. It’s more important than ever to keep your immune system as healthy as possible, so let yourself rest when needed and do things you enjoy outside of work!

    keep a tidy workspaceKeep Your Workspace Tidy

    Your desk can quickly get cluttered when working from home, especially if your office is in an unconventional area.

    Keeping your workspace tidy—even if you can only manage a desk clean-off once a week—can help you start with a fresh perspective and not feel weighed down by all the things in your office area.

    prioritize tasksPrioritize Your Tasks

    When considering working from home tips, there are few things more important than prioritizing your tasks.

    With a different routine, it can make projects you’d normally focus on feel far away.

    Plan what you’d like to get done each day in order of importance. That way, even if you’ve only accomplished a couple of tasks, they will have been the most important ones!

    choose best time to workTake Advantage of Your Prime Time

    If you know you work better at a certain time of day, really take advantage of that time and commit to distraction-free working until your next break.

    Getting into a workflow can feel difficult when you’re working from home, especially if you’re new to the work-home scene—but when you hit your stride, take advantage of it!

    take time for familyMake Time for Those That Matter

    Checking in with people is so important when so much is going on in the world.  Whether it’s your parents or coworkers, make time for those that matter.

    Video calls can help ease the feeling that you’re alone 24/7, and can social connections can have a positive impact on your mental health, especially when it feels like you’ve been stuck inside for days on end.

    pay attention to your mindsetBe Mindful of Your Mindset

    Your mindset matters when it comes to your productivity. When looking for advice for working from home, one of your greatest advantages is your ability to influence your mindset.

    Determine what you can control and what you can’t.  Work around any obstacles that are preventing you from doing your best work.

    Do activities that you know make you happy to create some positivity around your current situation—you can do this!

    know when the day is overKnow When It’s Time to End for the Day

    It can be challenging to know when to stop working when you’re working from home.  Your work and home life begin to blend together, and it can be difficult to ignore unfinished tasks or unread emails.

    However, know when it’s time to end for the day, and when you’re not working, you’re not working—so don’t be tempted by responsibilities that can wait until tomorrow!

    Consider these working from home tips to help you stay sane, happy, and productive during this time!