Prevent These Employee Mistakes With End User Security In 2021
  • Prevent These Employee Mistakes With End User Security In 2021
    Prevent These Employee Mistakes With End User Security In 2021

    IT Support in Washington DC Can Prevent Employee Mistakes

    Many business owners today are concerned about cybersecurity, and rightly so. But the biggest threat to a company isn’t always from the inside—your employees make daily mistakes that can jeopardize your data and undermine the IT support you put in place.

    Of course, employees usually don’t mean to sabotage your efforts, but some aren’t aware of simple IT best practices that can keep your networks safe. Here are a few errors that we commonly see that IT support in Washington DC could stop from ruining your business!

    Opening Spam Emails

    employee email securityWhile simply opening a suspicious-looking email doesn’t always mean harm, employees who click on links in emails with malware or phishing requests can give hackers an easy in. Your staff might not know what to look out for when it comes to malicious emails without the right training, which is where IT support comes in.

    Solvere One can provide basic training for your staff to help them identify dangerous emails and avoid phishing scams. With the right skills, your team can support your IT security rather than compromise your efforts.

    Not Securing Data

    secure company dataEmployees may not realize that by leaving data exposed, they threaten the security of your company and its customers. There should be a company-wide protocol in place to keep client and staff information away from visitors and other unauthorized eyes.

    For many businesses, a data breach is often the result of employees that didn’t realize this type of sensitive information shouldn’t be left out for everyone to see. When you take advantage of IT support in Washington DC, Solvere One can help you implement best practices for effective data security.

    Damaging IT Hardware

    prevent equipment damageNot everyone knows how to handle IT equipment. Your team may not realize that hardware is sensitive to heat or moisture, or may lack the skills to handle basic IT issues.

    Solvere One can step in and work with your staff to ensure they’re aware of the vulnerabilities of IT hardware and if they can’t remedy an issue, to request help before the problem gets worse. Employees who understand that IT equipment isn’t immune to damage can take better care of your devices to prevent common mistakes that end up costing you valuable time and resources.

    Changing Your Website

    accidently damage of corporate websiteContent management systems are a convenient way to give business owners and employees the ability to update their site’s content whenever they like.

    However, the issue is that any employee with access to the site can accidentally change fundamental parts of it—sometimes deleting entire pages or other important sections. With the right training, you can prevent unnecessary and frustrating changes to your business’ online presence.

    How IT Support Can Help

    how it support in washington dc can helpMany non-IT employees simply aren’t aware of their impact on your business’ technology. With basic IT support in Washington DC, your staff can easily identify a spam email, know how to take care of basic hardware, and help keep your data secure.

    IT support is a gamechanger for companies of all sizes whose staff unknowingly make mistakes that can affect your entire business!


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