Benefits Of Managed Security Services in 2020
  • Benefits Of Managed Security Services in 2020
    Benefits Of Managed Security Services in 2020

    Managed Security Services Benefits

    Consider this scenario from a business perspective: You’re a CEO who hires a techie to take care of all IT issues for your organization. Perhaps they are part of a team, or perhaps they are the only one doing these daily duties.

    They recommend devices that your organization needs to purchase, they handle the day-to-day break/fix issues your employees face, and they make sure backups are running. They might maintain a server or three. But start adding the modern day need to defend your organization against complicated attacks on your network, phishing attempts and social engineering on your employees, and their expectations become quickly overloaded. Unless they are constantly training and not maintaining your other systems, they will not be able to keep pace with the quality of attacks and myriad new attempts to get at your Intellectual property or business practices.

    Managed Security  – Secure Your Business Today

    This is where a Managed Security Provider comes in. Managed Security is an industry term for outsourcing network security services to professionals who eat, sleep, and breathe network security. They face threats across many small, medium, large, and enterprise businesses daily—and are constantly learning and adapting because it’s their sole job and they excel at it.

    Returning to our example of the in-house technician, when their organization partners with a Managed Security Provider, the in-house techie can return their focus to the daily operations, planning, and management. Meanwhile the network security of the organization is being monitored and protected with more resources and training than any one person would have otherwise.

    Here are some of the things Managed Security covers:

    Threat Management – Using intelligence to detect, protect, and remediate against cybercrime.

    Vulnerability Management – Proactively scan and test networks for vulnerabilities and seal them before they become issues.

    and Compliance Management – Take credit cards? Do business with the Government? Hold Healthcare data? Not unless your organization is accredited and certified to be secure enough to hold that kind of data. Compliance management helps to attain those certifications.

    …and more:

    Anti-Malware and Virus mitigation—making sure workstations are monitored and cleaned as to prevent infections from spreading through a network.

    Managing Network Access and Control—from those who should get in and those who shouldn’t.

    Encrypting devices, managing endpoints and hardening devices such as desktops or printers to ensure data stays within the organization.

    Firewall management so that organizations don’t have to train someone or employ a permanent IT Security specialist (sounds expensive to have someone onsite to do that? It is. Go with a Security Service Provider.)

    Incident response in case a breach does occur. Want logs? Want that machine cut off from the network? Want to know someone is working on the issue when it happens at 1:56AM? We’re on it.


    Okay okay. You’ve sold me. Do these guys do anything more than crack jokes on their blog?

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