Benefits of Project-Based IT Staffing
  • Benefits of Project-Based IT Staffing

    Project-Based IT Staffing Benefits

    Project-based IT staffing has become one of the preferred models of IT staffing in business today because it allows companies to hire highly skilled and qualified individuals for one-time or temporary projects without the costs associated with a full-time employee.

    In the IT space, many projects are short-term in nature and can require a specialized set of skills that are not of much use to companies when special projects are not taking place. Project-based IT staffing services can help by offering you IT talent when you need it–without cost when you don’t.

    Benefits of Project-Based IT Placement

    • Cost – Like we mentioned above, cost is a primary benefit of project-based IT staffing. Pay for talent when you need it, but nothing when you don’t! What could be better?
    • Flexibility – IT staffing companies often have a large pool of talent ready at any given time. This can allow you to start your project on your timeline rather than on someone else’s.
    • Talent – When you choose project-based IT placement, you often have access to a much greater pool of talent than you would if you were attempting to locate and hire IT talent yourself.
    • Efficiency – If you are going through a period of rapid growth, you may not have the time to go through a long-drawn out hiring process to find talent to meet the needs of your business. With project-based IT staffing services, you can hire the talent you need for each project as needed–getting your project completed quicker.
    • Expertise – hiring IT talent can be extremely difficult due to the highly-technical nature of the field. How do you know you’re truly hiring someone with the skill set to complete your project? With project-based IT staffing services, the staffing agency will fully vet candidates for your unique needs–ensuring that you are getting the best candidate for the job.
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    Project-Based IT Staffing by Solvere One

    At Solvere One, we place only highly qualified IT professionals. Our project-based IT staff is among the best in the business–with all our IT experts having industry leading training, certifications, and field experience. We have an extensive screening, interview, and certification process to ensure that you are always getting a highly qualified IT professional to work on your project.

    With more than 15 years of IT experience providing services to businesses large and small as well as the federal government in the Washington, DC area, we have earned a trusted reputation in the IT world. Our IT placement specialists have years of experience in the placement of IT personnel–with a thorough understanding of the needs and skills required in a broad range of industries.

    To learn more about our project-based IT staffing services in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland, and the Mid-Atlantic, call Solvere One today at (202) 905-2722!