BYOD in the Workplace Insight
  • BYOD in the Workplace Insight

    BYOD in the Workplace

    BYOD, short for bring your own device, is a workplace policy that many companies are beginning to adopt that allows employees to use their own private devices to access company networks, files, and applications. What was once thought to be bad policy has quickly evolved into a preferred method of doing business at many companies.

    As technology continues to change at an  increasingly rapid pace, IT departments are struggling to keep up. Further, with an increasing percentage of people in the workforce having their own smart devices, tablets, and laptops, employees are increasingly wanting to use their own devices to access corporate data.

    While there are certainly negatives associated with BYOD, there are many positives as well, which we will discuss in the sections below.

    Advantages  of BYOD

    There are some key advantages to implementing a BYOD strategy at your place of business. Cost savings, employee satisfaction, and productivity gains are the most common advantages associated with BYOD policies. Employees like using their own devices and are more familiar with their own devices, making them more productive than they would be if they use a device that they are less familiar with. By allowing employees to bring in their own devices, you as a company can save considerably on hardware costs and device maintenance.

    BYOD Risks

    While BYOD offers many benefits, it comes with risks as well. For example, what happens if an employee’s device is lost or stolen? What data should employees be allowed to access from their personal devices? Company issued devices often have higher levels of security and company assigned passwords while personal devices often have lesser strict security and password requirements.

    Another concern is implementation itself. With a number of devices, successfully integrating all devices into the company network could be difficult and may even prove to be costly, minimizing the hardware cost savings recognized by BYOD policies in the first place.

    BYOD Integration & Consulting in Washington, DC

    Ultimiately, whether or not BYOD policy is right for your business is up to you. If implemented correctly with careful attention to detail and security risks, BYOD policies can be an excellent way to lower costs and improve employee productivity and satisfaction.

    If you’re considering BYOD integration or need consulting, Solvere One can help. We have IT professionals on staff that have overseen BYOD implementation for companies large and small. Let us help you. Call us at (202) 905-2722 or simply fill out the contact form on the right to get started!

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