Bypassing Gatekeeper In Mac OS X 10.8
  • Bypassing Gatekeeper In Mac OS X 10.8

    Bypassing Gatekeeper In Mac OS X 10.8

    Installing Programs from Unidentified Developers

    So, you’re a new owner of the sleek and innovative Mac OS X Mountain Lion. The first thing you’ll want to do when you turn on your new machine might be to download some of your favorite programs that you’re accustomed to on your old Windows PC or even a previous Apple computer.

    With Apple’s newest rollout of OS X 10.8, however, there might be some issues you’ll encounter when trying to install the software you’ve downloaded. Included on every new OS X 10.8 machine, Apple has included security software called ‘Gatekeeper’ to minimize the chances that you infect your computer with malicious software—viruses, malware, adware, or spyware for example.

    With the increased attention on the Mac OS operating system by hackers and malicious software creators, Gatekeeper is a welcomed addition to the OS X platform—however, it can cause frustrations for users trying to install some of their favorite programs that are not malicious.

    Gatekeeper works by only allowing you to install software downloaded from the App Store and identified developers. This means that your Mac will only allow applications to be installed that are verified by the App Store or that have been digitally signed with an official Apple Developer ID.  Any software without this digital signature will be blocked by default.

    How to Bypass Gatekeeper

    The good news is that Gatekeeper is fairly simple to bypass, because it was actually developed to give you more control over what you want to install. As long as you’re an administrator on your Mac, you’ll be free to make these changes. The recommended method for disabling Gatekeeper’s grip on your internet software downloads is as easy as:

    1. Go to the System Preferences… > Security & Privacy > General tab under the header “Allow applications downloaded from”:


    2. Change the settings to “Anywhere.”

    Just a big pointer from Apple- you’ll want to make sure you are confident the app downloaded from the Internet is the latest version and is from a source that you trust. If you’re trying, for example, to download the latest version of Google Chrome- you’re good. Just be wary of the not-so-trusted software sites that are out there.


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