Computer Cleaning Tips and Tricks
  • Computer Cleaning Tips and Tricks

    Computers, like everything else in the world, get dirty. While your workststion starts off looking shiny and new, you will eventually notice crumbs in the keyboard, smudges on the monitor, and lots of dust. Thankfully, there are simple things you can do to keep your computer looking spiffy.

    Watch What You Eat
    Eating in front of your computer is about as common these days as eating in front of the television. Unlike the television, crumbs can easily get into unwanted places, particularly your keyboard. If you decide to eat at your desk, make sure to not take bites and chew over your keyboard particularly if you’re eating something that makes a lot of crumbs.

    Spills are even more devastating and most often end up on your keyboard. If you spill something on your keyboard turn your computer off right away and then turn the keyboard upside down. Shake the upside down keyboard gently over something that you don’t mind if it gets wet. Keeping the keyboard upside down, clean off what you can with a dry cloth. Then leave your keyboard unused and upside down overnight to dry.

    More Keyboard Tips
    For cleaning crumbs out of your keyboard you can use a can of compressed air or a vacuum attachment. Spray the compressed air between the keys to dislodge crumbs, dirt, and other particles. If you use a vacuum make sure that your keys do not pop off easily as they could get sucked up!

    If your keyboard is used by multiple people it’s a good idea to disinfect it occasionally. Spray disinfectant on a cloth or dampen a cloth with rubbing alcohol and then gently rub the keys. Always unplug your keyboard before cleaning it.

    Keep Your Monitor Shiny
    When cleaning your monitor, make sure you never spray it directly with water or any cleaning solution. Usually a dry cloth will do the job. Use a microfiber or any lint free cloth. Special cloths designed for cleaning electronics are available.

    If your monitor is particularly dirty, you can use water or rubbing alcohol. Just make sure you dampen the cloth first and then wipe the monitor down instead of applying the liquid directly to the monitor. You do not need to drench the cloth; a tiny bit of moisture will do.

    A Clean Mouse is a Happy Mouse
    Mice can get gunk built up on the bottom which causes them to run less smoothly. The best thing you can do to clean them off is first unplug the mouse from the computer. Then dampen a lint free cloth with rubbing alcohol and wipe the gunk off the bottom of the mouse. If you use a mouse pad, you can wipe it down as well.

    Today most people use optical mice that light up on the bottom. If you have a mechanical mouse with a ball inside,here is an excellent video on how to clean it.

    Cleaning the Inside
    The internal components of your PC can easily get dusty. Cleaning out the dust helps your computer to run more quickly and quietly.

    Important: Make sure your computer is turned off and unplugged before you clean it! You do not want to disrupt any of the components while they are in use.

    Once the computer is powered down you will need to open up the case. Different brands and models of PC open in different ways. If you feel uncomfortable opening your computer or are unsure of how to do so, ask your systems administrator to take care of this for you.

    Use compressed air to spray the dust out of your computer. You do not have to touch any of the internal components. Unlike a keyboard, using a vacuum to clean the inside of your computer is not a good idea as it could generate static electricity and damage your computer. You might want to wear a mask if the inside is particularly dirty to keep from inhaling the dust.

    The outside of your computer can be cleaned as well. Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth.

    Keeping your computer clean is easy. It not only keeps your computer running more efficiently but it can also keep you healthier. It looks much nicer, too!

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