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    Data Backup Services

    Two is one and one is none. The saying is normally something you’d hear from a law enforcement firearms instructor, but it’s also quite applicable for a much more mundane item: computer files. No one likes thinking about backing up files. In the computer world it’s usually an afterthought rather than a primary concern. At least, it’s never a primary concern until the project you’ve been working on for days, your saved emails for the past few years, and the photos of your children disappear forever. Some things are replaceable, albeit with a lot of work and stress; others, like the photos, are not.

    Don’t risk losing photos, documents, and other files that are vital to your business. Contact Solvere One today to learn about our data backup services.

    Why Have A Computer Backup System?

    Why deal with all of the potential stress and loss when a very slight amount of work now can prevent it all? With a little bit of planning, you can even make the data backup process automatic, which really means that it will be done on a regular basis without ongoing work.

    So where to start? The first place to start is to see if there’s already a system in place for you. There are several ways to backup your data, including:

    Network Server Backup

    In many large work environments, you’re provided with and likely expected to use server space for your work related files. Such systems are generally backed up daily meaning that you have a potential for one day of lost work versus all of the work saved on your computer. You should, however, check with your systems administrator to see what files you can or cannot save on the server, whether and how often the files are backed up, and who to contact should you ever need a file restored from the backup.

    External Data Backup

    What if you don’t have a company server that can be used as a data backup system or if you have files that can’t be saved on it? After checking to be sure that you’re within policies and security guidelines if it’s for a work computer, get an external USB hard drive. Many USB hard drives are designed with file backups in mind and allow for automated and scheduled backups. If you don’t have an external hard drive designed to automatically back up your computer, try the free “EaseUS Todo Backup” program which automates backups with any external hard drive.

    Cloud Backup Services

    There are a couple of warnings that should be considered when considering cloud backup services. First, while online cloud services are extremely useful and these services will work as a computer backup service for files that are also stored locally on your computer, they should not be trusted for both primary storage and a backup solution. It is true that these services are backed up; however, the backup solutions are biased toward cost savings and efficiency, not customer data integrity. Even Amazon permanently lost some customer data when their cloud service crashed in 2011. You’ll also be depending on the company’s customer service to recover your files in a timely fashion.

    The second warning is, if at all possible and in line with work security policies, keep your backup in a separate location. While most loss of data will be caused by hardware failure or other normal corruption, fires and other disasters happen as well. By keeping them separate, you reduce the likelihood of such disasters affecting both copies.

    By backing up your important documents and files, you’ll save yourself a lot of heartache in the future. Data corruption and loss is not a matter of if, it is simply a matter of when.

    If you would like to learn more about computer backup services in the Washington, DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia areas, contact the IT professionals at Solvere One today!

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