Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Tips and Tricks
  • Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Tips and Tricks

    Some Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox Tips

    Everyone has a favorite browser they like to use that makes their Internet browsing experience a personalized. Here are a few tips & tricks that will help you get the most out Google Chrome & Mozilla FireFox.



    Opening multiple web pages at startup

    Did you think it was only possible to have one web page open at start up? With Firefox there is an option to have multiple pages open at launch. You can now have Politico, CNN, & ESPN greet you each morning. To turn this feature on in Firefox go to Options -> General. In the homepage field enter the web addresses separated by pipes. For example: | | and so on.  Click Ok to save and next time you relaunch Firefox you will see all your tabs open.

    Customizing your search with Smart Keywords

    Firefox has a feature that enables you to perform searches within a webpage through the address bar. For example, this feature allows you to search for an “Apple Ipad” on without browsing to and then typing the search in their search bar. You simply have to type in bestbuy apple ipad into Firefox’s address bar.

    To activate this feature and create a smart keyword, go to a website that has a Search field. Right-click in the search field and select “Add a Keyword for this search”. Create the bookmark for the site and your smart keyword is now enabled.


    Bookmarking RSS feeds

    If you have websites you frequent often, especially news websites,  RSS feed’s make staying updated easier. Creating an RSS bookmark will automatically update stories and headlines from that feed.

    To create an RSS bookmark, right-click on the Firefox tool bar and select Customize. Drag & Drop the RSS logo (which looks like radio waves and has Subscribe underneath) onto the toolbar. Go to a website whose RSS feed you would like to subscribe to and select the RSS feed button that is now on your toolbar. Now enter a name for the RSS feed and click Add.  You will see it has been added to your toolbar and will update as new posts are made on that website.

    Multiple pages at startup

    Google Chrome also allows multiple pages to open during startup. Chrome makes it super easy to set up. Select the wrench at the top right of the browser,  choose Options and under the Basic’s tab check the radio button that says “On startup…open the following pages”. On launch of the browser it will open the web pages in the order listed.

    Pinning Tabs

    If there’s a site or service you find yourself using often in a web session, you can pin a tab in Chrome. This feature shrink’s the window down to the size of the favicon (small logo that shows up in the left portion of the tab), enabling you to better multi-task with multiple tabs open in Chrome.

    To enable this feature, right-click on the tab you want to pin and click “Pin tab.” To enlarge the tab, just right-click and click “Unpin tab” again to uncheck the option.

    Calculations in Address Bar

    Another cool feature of Google Chrome is its address bar can also be used to perform mathematical calculations with its basic calculator feature. You can type your math equation into the address bar and the answer will show up where you normally see auto-suggestions.


    There are many, many more features in both Firefox and Chrome.  For more Firefox tips visit the Mozilla Tips Page.  For more Chrome tips check out Chrome Tricks the website dedicated to Chrome tips and tricks.