IT Support for Federal, State and Local Governments

The growth of data in federal, state and local government agencies has grown at an incredible pace. At the same time, many agency budgets and staff have decreased across the country. To keep up with data management, it is vital that you have an information technology partner for your government agency that can grow even faster.

If your government agency needs managed IT services or IT consulting, Solvere One can help. Positioned in the Washington, DC area, our IT professionals have years of experience working with government agencies of all sizes.

Our government IT support services include:

Managed IT Services for Government Agencies

Our managed IT services provide 24-hour on-demand tech support and IT consulting to government agencies throughout, but not limited to, the Washington, DC, Northern Virginia and Maryland areas. Some of our most popular government IT support services include:

  • IT Outsourcing – we manage the technology that is vital to the productivity of your government agency and reduce the cost of IT ownership.
  • On-site and Remote IT Support – we offer both on-site and remote IT support as necessary. Solvere One’s on-site and remote IT services can do everything from repairing printer problems to software updates, to network support and more!
  • Computer Support – we provide comprehensive computer support for government agencies. Whether you need tech support, software updates or assistance with networking or hardware issues, we can help. Our computer support services are designed to reduce the IT costs of your government agency.
  • And More!

Network Security for Government Agencies

Protecting your network information is especially important for sensitive government agencies. Unauthorized access and digital attacks on your network are constant threats to your network’s security. Our network security solutions for government agencies will provide you with the necessary security to keep your sensitive data out of the hands of unauthorized users. Our government network security services include:

  • Firewall Protection and Monitoring – we continually monitor your network and check for suspicious content or activity.
  • Access Management – we provide identity proofing, credentialing and access granting through our unique authentication system, ensuring only authorized users can access your government network.
  • Wireless Security – at Solvere One we use the most advanced wireless intrusion prevention systems to eliminate wireless intrusion risks.
  • Backup – we offer comprehensive backup services to help minimize data loss in the event of user data or database corruption.
  • And More!

Network and Hardware Support for Government Agencies

Our network and hardware support services for government agencies provides you with proactive technical support to avoid productivity lulls, data loss and network interruptions. We give you a dedicated network and hardware administration and techs that have the expertise to keep your hardware and networks running at optimum performance.

To learn more about our government IT support services in Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic, call Solvere One today at (202) 905-2722!


For more information on our government IT support services, read our government managed IT services FAQs.