Green Business IT: Good for Your Bottom Line and the Environment
  • Green Business IT: Good for Your Bottom Line and the Environment

    Green Business IT is Good For The Bottom Line

    Are you thinking about making your Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC business greener, but not sure how to go about it? Or maybe you’re concerned that going green will hurt your bottom line. If you fit either of these situations, consider green business IT. Using a green IT service is an easy way to help your business save energy, and it will likely save you money in the long-term! Learn more about green business IT from Solvere One and decide if it would be beneficial to your business (we’re betting it will!).

    Aspects of Green Business IT

    What exactly is green business IT? It doesn’t have to do with just eliminating unnecessary excess paper – although that is one important aspect. Green business IT is also about taking away businesses expenses for things that can now be completed through technology. For example, by using a green IT service, your travel costs will likely decrease. Using a technology that will save you from having to buy plane tickets is good for your bank account and the environment! There are a variety of green IT services that will make big difference for your business:

    Remote Offices

    Want a green business IT idea that will save you money? Giving your employees the ability to work remotely will allow you to hire all the employees you need without having to pay for an office or heating and electricity costs. Since employees won’t be coming into the office, there will be fewer cars putting harmful emissions into the air and less energy will be consumed. Even offering this as an option for your employees one day a week can make big difference in your energy bills!

    Virtual Communications

    Instead of traveling to your clients for meetings, why not meet virtually? A great part of green business IT is it allows you to still have a face-to-face meeting with your clients without having to pay for associated travel costs. You can also use virtual communications to meet with employees who work remotely. This will save you money in travel costs and eliminate the emissions that come with that travel.

    Paperless Systems

    Employing a paperless system as part of your green business IT is a great way to organize yourself and have easy access to all your documents. When all of your business documents are virtual, you can access them from anywhere at any time without having to look through binders or piles of paper to find what you are looking for. You’ll find going paperless will save you time and money – and of course, paper!

    Benefits of Green Business IT

    There are a great number of benefits when you switch to a green IT service. If you have green IT consulting for your business, you can expect:

    • Decreased costs in several areas including travel and energy
    • Fewer productive days lost due to travel
    • Green solutions that will save your business money
    • Increased employee satisfaction due to flexible work options
    • Less time spent searching for paper documents
    • And more!

    You’ll be surprised at the difference green IT service will make for your business!

    Green IT Consulting from Solvere One

    If you are located in the Maryland, Virginia or Washington, DC area and are ready to make your business green, consider our green IT consulting. We can help you decide what green IT services will make the biggest difference for your business. We are the area’s leading experts in IT support, so we are ready to help you grow your business without the added worry of running your IT systems. We offer white-glove 24/7/365 support, so we are always there when you need us. Best of all, we use flat free pricing, so you won’t pay more for our green business IT! Contact us to learn more about our green IT consulting today!