How To Force Quit on Mac
  • How To Force Quit on Mac

    How To Force Quit on Mac

    Fixing a Frozen Mac

    Inevitably it happens to everyone.  An application is frozen on your Mac and no matter the amount of clicking the red close button on the title bar, that application will not leave your screen.  This is when it’s good to know how to force quit applications and re-launch them. The force quit menu can be opened a number of different ways.

    How to Force Quit Method 1:

    The simplest way is probably to use the keyboard shortcut of: Command – Option – Escape. This will open the force quit menu where you can select the frozen application and close it down.

    How to Force Quit


    How to Force Quit Method 2:

    Not comfortable with the keyboard shortcut? No problem! This menu can also be accessed by switching to a non-frozen application then going to the top left of the screen and clicking on the apple button.  That will reveal a drop down menu and one of the options there will be the “Force Quit” menu. This method will open the same menu as the previous method.

    Force Quitting on a Mac


    How to Force Quit Method 3:

    Another way to access the force quit menu is to hold down the Control and Option keys then click on the frozen application icon in the dock (you can also just right click if you have it enabled in system preferences). Once you click on the application in the dock, a menu will be presented where you can choose “Force Quit.” Again, it will open the same window as the previous two methods.

    How do I Force Quit on a Mac?


    How to Re-Open a Crashed Program on Mac

    Once you have force quit the application, you will probably want to reopen it.  Once it is reopened you can send Apple a crash report automatically so future issues can be avoided. This method of force closing should only be used in circumstances where the application is unresponsive, as exiting this way all the time can cause data loss.

    Frequently Crashing Mac Applications:

    Make note to find if it is more than one application causing problems on your Mac.  If your Mac is frequently unresponsive, it may be time to find more ways to improve performance such as increasing RAM and looking at disc space.

    However, if you begin to find that a certain application is causing you a great amount of trouble it may be time to uninstall and re-install the application. We will be reviewing how to do so in our next Solvere One blog post so be sure to check back soon!

    If you are experiencing problems with your Mac computer constantly freezing or crashing, contact Solvere One today. We offer flat-rate Mac IT services to businesses large and small. Call us today at (202) 905-2722 or simply fill out the contact form on the right.


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