How to Reduce Compliance Risks and Security Threats
  • How to Reduce Compliance Risks and Security Threats
    How to Reduce Compliance Risks and Security Threats

    How to Reduce Compliance Risks and Security Threats

     Establishing IT compliance doesn’t just safeguard customer data—it keeps your data safe as well. When it comes to decreasing your compliance risks, keeping in line with regulations both within your industry as well as your state is crucial.

    Although not meeting compliance regulations has some heavy consequences, it’s constantly becoming more of a challenge to keep up with IT regulations. How can you reduce your compliance risks to keep the trust of your customers and avoid penalties and fines?

    Here, we help you better manage your security threats with some simple changes any business has the ability to make.


    Train Your Employees


    reduce risksAlthough your fear of security threats might be focused outside of your company, the reality is that your employees actually end up being the biggest risk to your business.

    This is because not all employees are as well-versed in security best practices as your security team, yet they have access to sensitive information as well as sites on the web, including phishing emails. How can you stop these compliance risks from threatening your security?

    By training your employees, you can help protect sensitive data. Schedule trainings to teach your employees about how to recognize security threats, how they can better protect your system, and what they should do if they feel an attack has been launched.

    This simple, cost-effective method can help reduce your compliance risks and stop employees from engaging in harmful security habits.


    Consider Mobile Device Security

     security risksMore employees are on their personal phones now than ever before. This makes it imperative that your business has a protocol in place to stop unauthorized access to sensitive data on an employee’s mobile device.

    Whether their mobile phone or tablet is the property of your company or not, standards need to be in place to protect your data. To reduce compliance risks, you can invest in data encryption, minimize or eliminate the ability to store data on devices that don’t have the proper security, and allow IT to remotely access devices to wipe data in the event that a device has been misplaced or stolen.

    Third-party apps also increase compliance risks. Employees may be using these apps to transfer data or share it with other employees, when these apps aren’t compliant with your security measures. You can help configure mobiles so that only authorized apps that are in compliance can be downloaded.

    When it comes to mobile security, consider what standards need to be in place to minimize the chances that a hacker would gain access to data as a result of careless mobile security measures.


    Invest in Cloud Solutions

     IT RisksMigrating to the cloud under a trusted provider can allow you to better meet IT compliance needs and reduce compliance risks.

    Cloud providers have the flexibility to adapt to compliance regulations as they change and even better fit your budget requirements. Cloud solutions are highly customizable and can ensure that your data is secure regardless of what IT compliance standards you need to meet.

    While it might seem risky to move your files to an outside data center, the opposite is true—these centers are some of the most secure places you could imagine. The professionals behind cloud solutions can help you meet all necessary requirements and reduce compliance risks without the headache.

    Achieving IT compliance and reducing security risks is easy when you know the areas that you need to focus on for your company. Remember that employees pose the biggest threat to your security. Keep mobile devices in mind when considering company security on all technology, and if you haven’t already, consider cloud solutions to mitigate risk!

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