How to Increase Your Network Security
  • How to Increase Your Network Security
    How to Increase Your Network Security

    Ways to Increase Your Network Security

    If you run a business, your network security should be one of your top concerns. If it isn’t, think of how damaging it would be to your productivity and your company as a whole if a competitor was able to steal trade secrets, your network was hacked and compromised or a client saw a document that ruined your relationship with them. It is important to keep all you’ve worked so hard for safe from the people who mean your business harm and those who do not need to know the day-to-day operations of your business.

    So how do you increase your network security so your business stays protected? Learn some great tips on how to increase your network security from Solvere One! There are a number of ways to ensure your network stays safe and secure:

    Install Virus & Firewall Programs

    Virus and firewall programs are your first line of defense when it comes to people who mean your business harm. These are also probably the easiest way to increase your network security. A virus and firewall program will keep out unauthorized programs that could shut down your network or steal sensitive information like credit card numbers. Having your entire business network shut down due to a virus would be seriously damaging to your productivity and leave you unable to provide any services to your customers. Virus and firewall programs are kind of like walls around your network so unauthorized programs are stopped dead in their tracks. Secure your network and keep out what isn’t meant to be on it with a virus and firewall program.

    Ensure Your Wireless Network Security

    With the increased use of laptops and other mobile computing devices, wireless network security is becoming a bigger issue. Use a wireless intrusion prevention (WIP) system to keep an eye on your network and inform you if anyone who isn’t supposed to be there tries to access your network. You’ll be able to prevent dealing with the aftermath of a hacker and increase your wireless network security. A security key isn’t enough for your wireless network security, so be sure to use additional systems to secure your network!

    Block Unauthorized Users

    The biggest part of network security is keeping unauthorized users off of your network in the first place! Doing only this will drastically increase your network security! Using a multi-factor authentication system to get onto your network decreases the chance of an unauthorized user gaining access. Ensure everyone who goes on your network is required to prove they are who they claim to be. Of course, you’ll need to balance ease of access with security, and there are some great programs out there that do exactly that. Using more than just a single password system will greatly increase your network security and give you peace of mind that only authorized users can access your business network.

    Increase Your Network Security with Solvere One

    If you are looking for a company to do all this for you, call Solvere One. We can provide you with all the services listed above to greatly increase your network security. We offer 24/7/365 white-glove IT support to business in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. Best of all, we use flat fee pricing so you won’t have to pay more to increase your network security! If you’re ready to make sure your business is protected from harm, contact us to increase your network security today!

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