Internet Browser Syncing
  • Internet Browser Syncing

    For the average user, internet browsing is undoubtedly the single most used feature on a computer.  This fact makes the internet browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Google Chrome to name a few) one of the most important pieces of software.  Each browser is different but irregardless of which you use, your preferences, bookmarks, and extensions are all things you rely on.  We at Solvere One have noticed that one of the first things every person does when getting a new computer is make sure their bookmarks and preferences have been copied over so that their browsing experience remains the same.  Since so much of your computing experience is tied up in the internet browser, here are a couple of friendly services that allow you to backup, synchronize, and extend your browsing experience across computers and making life just a little easier.

    Until very recently the single greatest browser syncing tool has been XMarks, however it is rumored that they will be closing down soon due to a lack of funding.  XMarks allows syncing across four major browsers, so irregardless of what type of computer you are on or what major browser you are using, your bookmarks can be synced across them.

    Google has built syncing directly into their Chrome browser with Google Chrome Sync.  It allows syncing of browser preferences, bookmarks, themes, extensions downloaded from the Extension gallery, and autofill data.  Google simply requires a Gmail or Google Apps account to sync with, and once you have it configured all of your settings transfer seamlessly between whatever other instances of Chrome you set to synchronize.

    The last major syncing utility is Firefox Sync.  Firefox sync is a browser add on for Mozilla Firefox that synchronizes your browser history, passwords, bookmarks, and even open tabs.  So basically, if you synchronize your work and home PCs you can travel between them without interruption of what you are doing on the internet.

    The last major feature that all of these syncing services provide is backup for your settings.  Even if you only have one computer and don’t need to synchronize your settings across computers you should still use them.  Once synchronized all of your data is stored in the cloud can be resynchronized with any computer.

    All of these syncing services are entirely free and simple to setup and use.  If you have questions please don’t hesitate to ask your Solvere One systems administrator.