How to Increase Employee Productivity with Internet Filtering
  • How to Increase Employee Productivity with Internet Filtering

    If you’re a business owner, you know your employees are the cornerstone of your business and are invaluable to keeping everything running smoothly. It is important to ensure your employees are doing the best they can for your company so it can continue to grow and be successful.

    One way to increase employee productivity and make sure your business is getting the support it needs is by using Internet filtering. This blocks certain websites on your network so your employees aren’t spending times going on sites they shouldn’t be on, and aren’t accidently downloading viruses by visiting dangerous sites. Solvere One provides Internet filtering in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC, so contact us if you are looking for content filtering software!

    What is Internet Filtering?

    Internet filtering uses content filter software to block malicious or inappropriate websites from your network. Websites that are meant to harm your business or are simply inappropriate for a work environment are kept from your network. Entertainment-based sites that are a serious hindrance to productivity can be also be blocked through Internet filtering.

    Why Use Internet Filtering?

    Internet filtering can offer your business a number of benefits. Content filtering software can:

      • Save bandwidth for important business functions
      • Increase productivity
      • Keep offensive or inappropriate websites off of your computers
      • Prevent viruses and spyware from entering your network
      • And more!

      As you can see, Internet filtering can make a real difference for your business!

      How Can Internet Filtering Increase Productivity?

      Besides blocking social websites that can take up employees’ time, Internet filtering can also block high bandwidth websites that can slow down your network. It is a waste of company time to have your employees waiting on a page to load because all your bandwidth is being needlessly used up, and content filter software can ensure high bandwidth websites are blocked. This way, an employee playing a game on a website won’t take up all your bandwidth and slow down your network – in fact, it can keep that employee from wasting company time in the first place! You won’t have to worry that your employees are wasting time on online games or staring at a loading screen!

      Where Can You Get Internet Filtering in VA, MD & DC?

      If you’re looking for Internet filtering in Virginia, Maryland or Washington, DC, look no further than Solvere One. We can provide you with the content filtering software you need to ensure maximum productivity. Plus, we provide 24/7/365 white-glove IT support, so we will be there for you whenever you have any problems.

      We can provide your business with all the IT management services you need, including the Internet filtering to keep your productivity high. Plus, we offer flat rate pricing, so you won’t pay more for our services! Contact us to get Internet filtering in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC today!

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