iPhone 6’s Best Business Features
  • iPhone 6’s Best Business Features

    iPhone 6’s Best Business Features

    Apple’s newest release of the iPhone brought some of the biggest changes the product line has seen since it was first released. For years, the iPhone offered some of the best business applications and features on the market. The one notable drawback for business users, however, has always been screen size. The display was simply too small to get much work beyond reading and responding to emails done.With the iPhone 6, Apple has finally increased the screen size, so this is no longer a problem.

    In addition to adjustments to the display, the iPhone 6 features iOS 8, which includes a number of new productivity-boosting and security features for business users.

    Fingerprint Scanner

    Security is always a big concern for businesses, and the iPhone 6 addresses this very well. The iPhone 6 features a fingerprint scanning feature–adding an additional layer of security for peace of mind. The iPhone 6 can be set only to unlock for a specific fingerprint, thus preventing unauthorized access to a device–even if it is lost. It is an easy and effective way for your employees to secure their work phone without the need to remember or constantly update passwords.

    Extended Battery Life

    Business devices usually see more rigorous use than personal devices, so battery life is critical for phones used for business purposes. Enterprise tasks like video conferencing, Excel, or word processing applications can quickly drain a battery, but Apple has placed an emphasis on energy efficiency with the iPhone 6. The new iPhone 6 Plus features battery life that can provide up to 14 hours of video streaming, 12 hours of Wi-Fi browsing, and more than 24 hours of talk.

    One Handed Functionality

    One of the benefits of the smaller screen size the former iPhones featured was ease of use with a single hand. With the increase in screen size, particularly with the iPhone 6 Plus, one handed use is more difficult. To counter this, Apple included a feature called Reachability. The Reachability feature allows you to bring the area of the screen you need closer to your thumb so yo udon’t have to move you hand–an important feature for business users trying to work on the go.

    Large Display

    We already mentioned the large display and some of the benefits that provides, but beyond ease use, the larger display makes teleconferencing more practical than it was on previous generations of iPhones. Working with spreadsheets and other productivity suites is also easier than with previous generations of the iPhone.


    One feature of the iPhone 6 that has gotten great reviews for the iPhone 6 is Handoff. Handoff gives you the ability to switch between your phone and other Apple hardware devices.

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