Is Outsourcing IT a Security Risk?
  • Is Outsourcing IT a Security Risk?

    Is Outsourcing IT a Security Risk?

    Outsourcing has become a dirty word associated with low quality in many industries and network security breaches seem to be in the news every few weeks, so it should come as no surprise that many people are skeptical of outsourced IT services. But is this skepticism rooted in fact or misunderstanding? It really depends on what type of outsourcing is being referred to when someone mentions outsourced IT. IT covers a broad range of products and services, so while outsourcing for some may increase security risks, outsourcing other services does not.

    The two primary forms of outsourcing in the IT industry are outsourcing coding or outsourcing or IT services.

    Outsourced IT Coding

    Outsourced coding has become popular, primarily due to the plentiful number of affordable coders in overseas developing markets like India and China. Software development companies sometimes opt to have application coding performed overseas to cut costs and increase profit margins. As businesses rushed to lower costs of application development, security was often left as an afterthought, exposing businesses that relied on these applications at risk of being hacked and having sensitive information stolen.

    If you are considering outsourcing coding work, you need to ensure that you have good visibility into the work that is done and having completed work independently verified and validated.

    Outsourced IT Services

    Outsourced IT services differ greatly from outsourced coding. Outsourced IT services are often U.S. based corporations that are designed to help supplement or replace in-house IT departments–primarily for small to medium sized businesses. Reliable outsourced IT services–also referred to as managed IT services–come with very little security risks. Reputable managed IT providers will put their employees through rigorous background checks to ensure that they are not exposing clients to any potential threats. Although outsourced managed IT services expose your company’s information to third parties, properly vetted third parties are no greater a security threat than members of internal IT departments.

    To mitigate risk, you should always properly screen your third party IT services provider. You can mitigate risk further by hiring U.S. based IT providers. The U.S. has strict laws protecting intellectual property and private data–which provides a great deal of protection that you may not get by outsourcing your IT services to overseas firms.

    Outsourced IT Services From Solvere One

    If you need outsourced IT services, Solvere One has you covered. We provide comprehensive outsourced IT solutions that you can trust. We are a U.S. based managed IT provider with offices throughout the Mid-Atlantic, Los Angeles, and Souther Florida! For more than 15 years, Solvere One has been a trusted provider of managed IT services for business large and small and even the U.S. Federal Government.

    Some of our most common services include:

    • Network Security
    • Network & Hardware Support
    • IT Due Diligence
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Computer Backup Support
    • Cloud Computing
    • Web Design & Development
    • And More


    Solvere One offers:

    • 24/7/365 executive, white glove service and IT help desk support
    • Flat fees
    • Peace of mind with our expertise and experience
    • Emergency server maintenance


    To learn more about how Solvere One can help you with your outsourced IT needs in the Washington, DC, Virginia, Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic areas, call Solvere One today at (202) 905-2722!

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