How Secure Will The Cloud Infrastructure Be In 2021
  • How Secure Will The Cloud Infrastructure Be In 2021
    How Secure Will The Cloud Infrastructure Be In 2021

    Is The Cloud Secure – How To Protect Your Business

    When businesses start thinking about moving to the cloud, their first concern is typically “is the cloud secure enough?” It’s an important consideration.

    A few years ago, many IT experts insisted that no, the cloud was not secure. But the technology has advanced quickly, and so have the needs and attitudes of business owners and managers.

    Data Security No Matter Where the Data Is

    If you or your management team is skeptical of the cloud’s security, you may want to assess your on-site system’s security. Is everything there as secure as it could be? (You can find out by taking advantage of our free network security review.) Chances are, your data might be more secure in the cloud.

    Best Practices for Cloud Security

    Cloud security, when done correctly, is incredibly robust. Make sure your cloud provider is fully implementing the following:

    • Antivirus and intrusion detection solutions
    • Application firewall
    • Attack mitigation tools for DDoS attacks
    • Content delivery network
    • Firewall segregating environments
    • Intrusion detection tools
    • Log correlation
    • New generation firewall


    For cloud-based email:

    • Anti-spam and antivirus protections
    • Creation of specific rules for blocking
    • Data leak control
    • Email monitoring


    Your code must also be secured, and you must have a strictly-adhered-to access management policy in place.

    What Does the Cloud Offer Small Businesses?

    The cloud is:

    • Elastic– Cloud computing services are completely elastic. You can pay for as much or as little service as you need—making your IT department more cost-efficient.
    • On-Demand– Cloud computing services are delivered to you and billed on demand.
    • Fully Managed– Solvere One manages your cloud services, meaning less demand for your in-house IT department.


    Cloud computing services have revolutionized the way companies are doing business. IT departments leveraging cloud services can provide superior IT support with lower costs, increased accessibility, and more flexibility.

    Learn more about cloud services and cloud security. Call Solvere One at (202) 905-2722 with questions—we are here to help.

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