Keeping Employee Smartphones Secure
  • Keeping Employee Smartphones Secure

    With most employees using their personal smartphones to connect with work, clients, and even conduct business, data security is critical. What can you do to keep your company data secure on employee smartphones?

    Smartphone Security Risks

    Smartphones, with all their convenience and utility, are at high risk for data breach. Common risks include:

    • Physical theft – Even Apple employees leave their phones—even prototype iPhones!—unattended long enough to get stolen. When a phone’s data isn’t properly encrypted, a thief, no matter how tech-savvy, can access not only the phone owner’s personal information, but company data including emails, documents, and more.
    • Data theft from discarded phones – When someone gets a new phone, it’s typically easy to transfer data from their old phone to the new model. But it’s not as simple to completely erase, or wipe, data from the old phone. When data isn’t properly removed and destroyed, it is up for grabs to anyone who gets access to the device.
    • Unintentional or unknowing disclosure – Smartphone apps and location services can gain access to a lot of a phone or phone user’s information. Your employee may not realize how much access they are allowing when they download an app or upload a photo while using location services.
    • Phishing – It happens on desktops, laptops, tablets, and smartphones—phishing. If an employee isn’t knowledgeable about phishing scams, an attacker can access and collect a great deal of data.

    How to Keep Employee Smartphones Safe

    • Require employees to use a password, PIN, or other means to control access to their phones. Encourage them to change the password often and keep it secret.
    • Consider requiring employees to install anti-malware and anti-virus on their phones.
    • Have your IT support set up SSL VPN access to company systems. When you establish a Secure Socket Layer virtual private network (SSL VPN), it will encrypt smartphone traffic while in transit between the device and the company network.
    • Ask your IT support team what the best wireless security measures are and have those measures in place.
    • If you issue company smartphones to employees, consider using device identification technology, which assigns a unique number to each phone and allows your IT support team to remotely disable the device if necessary.
    • Encourage your employees to only download applications from trusted sources, such as their phone service providers’ app stores.

    Your IT Support Can Help Protect Smartphone Data

    Stay productive and secure with wireless security from your trusted IT support team. To learn more about employee smartphone security and best practices for your business, call Solvere One at (202) 905-2722.

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