Why is Mobile Device Security Absolutely Critical In 2021
  • Why is Mobile Device Security Absolutely Critical In 2021
    Why is Mobile Device Security Absolutely Critical In 2021

    Why Is Mobile Device Security Absolutely Critical?

    What do you keep on your phone? Just about everything. From personal information to work-related data and projects, mobile devices are as convenient as they are risky. This is particularly why mobile device security has evolved to protect your mobile device as well as all the information it contains from malware, security breaches, and hackers.

    Although many devices come with established security settings, many users aren’t aware of the risks their phone or tablet still carries when it comes to security. Why is mobile device security so important?

    Your Mobile Device Is More Vulnerable to Security Threats

    Mobile Device SecurityFrom personal contacts to financial transactions, your device is the hub of your world.

    Mobile devices are similar to PCs when it comes to vulnerability, but mobile devices are even more susceptible to threats. Why do mobile devices generate greater concern for security? Firstly, mobile devices are easily lost or stolen. Secondly, almost anyone can create a malicious app that allows hackers to access your information. Thirdly, many users aren’t aware of this increased risk and conduct their business under the impression that their existing mobile device security fully protects their data.

    The fact is that your mobile device is simply more vulnerable to threats than a PC, and your existing security often fails to protect you. This is a huge issue as many people now rely solely on their phone or tablet for Internet, banking, purchases, credit card payments, access to work data, and more.

    Your Data—Personal or Professional—Is Not Always Safe

    Securing Mobile DevicesThe sensitivity of the data you store on your device can’t be undermined. Shouldn’t your mobile device security be adept to handle threats to this data? Becoming the victim of identify theft or having a breach that could bankrupt your organization isn’t worth the cost of being ignorant about your mobile device security. Whether your device has pre-established security features or not, realize just how huge of an impact a data breach could make for you personally and professionally.

    The fact remains that your data is not always safe when it comes to mobile. Statistics on mobile device security show that:

    • Malware attacks are steadily on the rise, increasing by 75% alone from 2013 to 2014 in the United States among Android users.
    • The average large business has more than 2,000 insecure apps installed on employee devices. 85% of these employees have exposed sensitive data.
    More than 75% of mobile apps fail basic security tests.
    Over 1 billion records were breached in 2014 alone.
    • The average cost of a record breach was $154 per record in 2015, but a large-scale data breach, such as one in which tens of thousands of records are stolen, could cost your company millions of dollars.

    How Can Mobile Device Security Help?

    Critical Device SecurityHaving a third party IT provider supporting your mobile device security can help immensely. Mobile device security protects your data from security threats that lead to data breaches, unauthorized access to sensitive data, and even data loss as a result of user error or a stolen or misplaced device. You can protect your employees as well as your organization with a managed mobile device security plan.

    These mobile solutions allow your organization to encrypt data, wipe the device should it become lost or stolen, and keeps employees from downloading apps that look legitimate but are actually hiding malicious code to gain access to important information.

    Third-party mobile device security providers have become absolutely critical for protecting information stored on phones and tablets, especially for organizations. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to mobile threats that could bankrupt you—mobile device security is crucial!

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