Mobile Optimization to Grow Your Business
  • Mobile Optimization to Grow Your Business

    Grow Your Business Mobile Optimization

    Is your company’s website mobile-friendly? Do you know? If your website looks the same on a smartphone as it does on a computer screen—except smaller—then your site is not optimized for mobile. Anyone who wants to access your site on a smartphone will have a hard time navigating it.

    But that’s not the half of it. Search engines like Google and Bing rank mobile-friendly sites higher on mobile search. So that means when someone is searching on a smartphone for the product or service your company offers, the search engine is going to put mobile-friendly sites at the top of the results. And more and more people search primarily on mobile.

    That means that getting your site optimized for mobile is absolutely critical if you don’t want to lose business to your competitors.

    Mobile-Friendly: Two Ways to Get There

    To gain an edge in mobile search, you can take one of two approaches: responsive design for your existing site or building a separate mobile site.

    • Responsive design – Responsive design means making changes to your existing site so that it looks good on mobile and desktop. A web designer can do this for you. And with responsive design, any changes you make to your website will also appear on the mobile site with no extra steps. Another advantage of responsive design is better search engine optimization (SEO). Google claims that having a single site results in better performance than two sites that may split traffic.
    • Separate mobile site – A separate, mobile version of your original site with just the most necessary information on it that makes it easy for users to find your services, location, and contact info. Because mobile sites have less content, users who want more details will likely switch to your desktop site—or go to a competitor’s site. But for companies with a lot of products or services to offer, a separate mobile site is best because it streamlines the mobile experience.

    Mobile Web Design from a Company You Trust

    Did you know that Solvere One provides web design services? To learn more, contact us online or call (202) 905-2722.

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