Got a new computer? Let Ninite help you out.
  • Got a new computer? Let Ninite help you out.

    Just received a new computer?  Need to find an updated version of some of your favorite software?

    If you have either of the above, and a live internet connection, look no further than Ninite (

    The install screen

    This tool  lets you pick which applications and software you want to install on your computer, then puts it all into a downloadable program.  The program will then download and install the latest version of programs without any further prompts, allowing you to do other things while the installer does its job.

    Ninite applications available for download

    Are you a network administrator or an IT professional?  Ninite Pro offers network  support, additional programs, and a behind the scenes command-line interface.   This can let you keep all of your workstations up to date with the latest technology and applications available. Pricing plans are available on the site. (Ninite Pro)

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