Microsoft Office 365 for Mobile Platforms
  • Microsoft Office 365 for Mobile Platforms

    When Microsoft released Office 365 in 2011 it changed the way most people looked at Microsoft’s powerful Office suite. Instead of buying a Microsoft Office Suite every three years or so, you buy a yearly or monthly subscription based on you or your business needs. For businesses it makes a lot of sense for the following reasons:

    • Allows for maximum amount of email uptime
    • Only pay for the amount of Office licenses  needed
    • Certain subscriptions come with downloadable versions of Office desktop software
    • It’s licensed based which means it’s entirely scalable so you never pay for more than you need
    • There’s no need to host your own email server
    • And most importantly, with Microsoft’s release of Android, iPhone and Windows phone apps, it’s now available from almost any device you own!
    Office 365 for Smart Phones

    Office 365 for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

    Microsoft’s recent Office 365 apps launch for iPhone, Android and Windows 7.5 or 8 opens a door to the one billion or so smartphone users across the globe. Also consider that mobile devices, like phones and tablets, are proving to be more powerful and productive in today’s on-the-go society. Couple that with the declining PC market and it only makes sense that Microsoft would want to put one of its largest money makers in the hands (literally) of as many user’s as possible. While there are a few mobile app Office competitors, none of them have the years of experience and know-how that Microsoft does. The competitors are also limited in that you can only use them on the operating system you purchased them on. For example: if you buy an iOS Office app like Quick Office, you can’t use that app on Android without repurchasing it.

    Office 365 Apps

    So let’s get to the important stuff, what you can do with the Office 365 mobile apps:

    • Access documents stored in SkyDrive
    • Make quick edits to documents
    • View and edit email attachments
    • View supported charts, graphs and animations
    • Create new Office documents
    • Share documents
    • Use Lync to stay connected with organization members
    • Access to Skype and Yammer

    Office 365 on Other Mobile Devices

    While there are currently only mobile applications for Android, iPhone and Windows, all other devices can access the SkyDrive website to view and interact with their cloud stored documents. Unfortunately at this time, iPad users will have to use the Web-app view rather than the mobile applications as Microsoft has only released a version for the iPhone.  This Microsoft website has all of the details for the individual operating systems and their respective devices.

    What you need to Access these Office 365 Apps

    It is important to remember that a valid Office 365 subscription is necessary to access the mobile applications and their features.  There are different subscriptions for different business needs, so feel free to head to Microsoft’s Office 365 plan comparison page for more details on those.  If you have any questions about how Office 365 can benefit or help your business use our Contact Us page and let us know!  We are Microsoft partners and have the expertise to help ensure your business is utilizing its IT resources to their full potential!