Outsourced Managed Security Services for Small Business
  • Outsourced Managed Security Services for Small Business
    Outsourced Managed Security Services for Small Business

    You don’t need an in-house IT security team to keep your company’s network safe.  When you outsource your managed security services (MSS) to a dedicated consultant, you benefit from the agility and accessibility of an expert team that is ready to respond to any issue 24 hours a day.

    Why Outsource Your Managed Security?

    Outsourcing your network security allows you to get the most innovative, up-to-the-minute managed security services at a much lower cost than hiring onsite, specialized IT staff. A qualified network security provider will always be updated with the latest security patches and technologies—leaving you to enjoy peace of mind while you manage your business.

    What Do Managed Security Services Cover?

    • Access Controls and Identity Management – Identity proofing, credentialing and granting access via two-factor and multi-factor authentications. We also offer a unique authentication system through Anakam TFATM that uses cell phones, pagers, and home or office phones that offers an 80% savings over hard-token key fob systems.
    • Data backup – Implementing a sound backup and recovery plan is critical in order to minimize loss of user data and database corruption in the event of even the smallest disaster. Solvere One’s managed network security assessment will help you to first identify your overall needs, determine the types of backup options available, help choose which option is best for your company, and prepare plans and policies followed by execution and maintenance.
    • Content Filtering – Ensures that parameters are placed on which Internet sites can be accessed and what bandwidth limitations should be set in order to avoid recreational surfing, and also ensuring adequate bandwidth for critical business needs. Content filtering helps your company save money and increase productivity.
    • IM Instant Messaging Auditing and Control – Policy management and perimeter security for Instant Messaging, Skype, and other real-time web-based communications. This service also provides the capability to identify and stop spam, viruses, worms, rootkits, keyloggers, bots, and other “greynets” designed to gather and destroy sensitive data.
    • Incident Response, eDiscovery, and Information Assurance – Using forensics, computer audits, insider threat and incident response, and other tools so that clients can see what is stored or occurring on any computer in their network, and if necessary, forensically preserve and/or remediate it without disruption of current operations.
    • Virus and Firewall Protection and Monitoring – Making sure that your network is continually monitored and checked for suspicious content, unexpected traffic, and other anomalies that cause unwanted behaviors through intrusion prevention systems (IPS).
    • Windows RMS (Rights Managed Systems) technology – Windows RMS enables organizations to “control” information. Working with the highest level of encryption, content security is addressed in storage, in transit, and as it is being used – ensuring against malicious and/or accidental misuse.
    • Wireless Security – Advanced wireless intrusion prevention systems (WIPS) put in place to counteract wireless intrusion risks, allowing for the continuity of operations.

    Can Managed Security Services Keep Cloud Applications Safe?

    Yes. And many experts say that using an outside managed security service is typically more effective for cloud computing, since cloud security requires more advanced IT skills as well as increased bandwidth. It’s likely far more beneficial for your company to rely on an outsourced MSS than to keep an in-house IT staff up to speed while continually paying more money to get needed additional bandwidth.

    MSS Outsourcing in DC, Maryland, and Virginia

    Learn more about the benefits of outsourcing your managed security services to Solvere One by calling us today at (202) 905-2722. Or contact us online for more information.

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