Planning for Office365 Email Migrations – Are You Ready for 2020
  • Planning for Office365 Email Migrations – Are You Ready for 2020
    Planning for Office365 Email Migrations – Are You Ready for 2020

    How to Plan for Office365 Email Migrations

    Are you overwhelmed thinking about Office365 email migrations for your organization? Although you’ve likely heard that this is no easy task, you can ensure the process goes smoothly by conducting the proper planning necessary. The migration will take time and you want to be sure you’re prepared in order to minimize downtime and have a smooth transition. If your organization is ready to switch to Office365, plan your email migrations by taking these things into account!

    Plan for Your Exchange Server – Just How Old Is It?

    Office365 Email MigrationsWhen attempting to determine which migration method is best for your organization’s Office365 email migrations, you’ll first need to take a look at your current Exchange Server. These servers tend to be more expensive and more difficult to manage than a cloud-based server such as Office365, so you’re probably ready to get rid of it! However, considering how old (or new) your server is will be an important step in planning your Office365 email migrations.

    Exchange Servers 2007 and older pose the potential for bigger problems for your Office365 email migrations. If you have a server that’s older than 2007, a two-step migration process will be the best route in order to avoid halted migrations. This process allows you to upgrade your server before migrating, therefore eliminating problems that’ll happen when migrating to the cloud. This will make your Office365 email migrations easier and more successful!


    Determine Readiness with Microsoft Tools.

    exchange or office 365 emailHow can you know if your network is ready for Office365 email migrations? By properly planning and preparing, you can ensure your organization is ready. The Office365 health, readiness, and connectivity checks tool comes with Office365 and will assess your organization’s readiness. Whether you need a fast check of all major components or a more detailed assessment, this tool can help you properly plan for Office365 email migrations.

    There are other tools you may consider using in your Office365 email migrations process, including Microsoft Exchange Server Deployment Assistant (which will effectively build a migration plan for your organization) as well as third-party tools. Although the email migrations process won’t be easy and will take some time, these tools can help you effectively prepare for the migration.


    Factor in Room for Problems.

    moving emailEven with proper planning, the road to successful Office365 email migrations isn’t always smooth. Factoring in room for problems in your planning process is smart. Without bringing in a professional, there are likely a host of problems that you simply can’t foresee that may stall the process. If the migration process is interrupted, it must start over from the beginning!

    For instance, if you have a bad network connection, heavy security, or misconfigured servers, all of these issues will need to be addressed before migration. A staged migration needs the proper infrastructure to perform Office365 email migrations successfully. Run a pilot migration to see how your chosen migration method does as well as to pinpoint certain errors that may happen during the process.


    Should You Bring in a Professional?

    migration of office365 emailPlanning is crucial, but your migration process needs to be planned out by someone with extensive IT expertise in order to be successful. Attempting to plan and execute Office365 email migrations without proficiency in Office365 as well as other fields such as networks and security could set your organization up for a failed migration—meaning costly downtime and even more time needed to figure out what went wrong.

    At Solvere One, our team of experts help organizations of all sizes migrate to the cloud and complete successful Office365 email migrations. When you have an expert in security, Office365, network infrastructure, storage, and more on your side, your Office365 email migrations can go according to plan. We can also help you decide which migration method would suit your organization best, as well as an approximate timeline for the email migrations to happen, and much more!

    When you’re ready to make the switch from your Exchange Servers to Office365, ensure your organization is fully prepared. Determine readiness with Microsoft’s tools. Upgrade your Exchange Servers if needed. Leave room for error. And remember—bringing in a professional can alleviate the hassle of trying to perform Office365 email migrations on your own!


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