Preparing Your Business for Winter Weather Emergencies
  • Preparing Your Business for Winter Weather Emergencies

    Preparing Your Business for Winter Weather Emergencies

    With winter firmly entrenched across much of the country at this point, you should already have a winter weather emergency plan in place for your business to ensure that your business can operate as normally as possible following a severe weather event. For some industries, winter weather means closures and lost revenue, but for others, operations can continue almost as normal if you have the right systems in place. Preparing your IT systems for winter weather will help you safeguard your network during times of emergency, but more importantly, it will also improve your IT infrastructure for all situations.

    Create Remote Working Procedures for Employees

    Today’s technology makes working remotely almost seamless–meaning your employees can still be productive even if they are stuck at home (provided they still have power and internet service). With the right IT systems in place, employees can still communicate and access company files as they normally would from the office, resulting in very little disruption to productivity. Implementing the appropriate systems can help keep your employees safe at home, while also allowing them to continue working without major disruptions.

    Create a Disaster Recovery Plan

    A disaster recovery plan should include all departments within your company and all critical needs and equipment should be identified so that you can create a plan to continue operations in the event that your employees must work remotely.

    Data loss and unexpected power outages can wreak havoc on businesses—especially if they do not have backup systems in place. To protect our clients in the event of disaster, we offer comprehensive disaster recovery and network backup services to keep your business operating smoothly even in the event of catastrophe.

    Create a Data Backup Plan

    To survive a winter weather disaster with minimal disruption, it is important to have multiple backup procedures in place to ensure that your data is accessible from outside the office. It will also help to ensure that your data is safe and protected from corruption of data loss by backing it up across multiple servers–making it extremely rare that your important data is completely inaccessible.

    Implement Backup Power Supplies

    Sudden power disruptions or outages can cause you to lose important data. This risk can be eliminated with the implementation of an uninterruptible  power supply or a backup generator. These systems can provide you with enough power to save the files and documents you are currently working on and enough time to initiate the disaster preparedness plan you should already have in place.

    Need Help?

    Creating an emergency preparedness plan can be difficult–especially for non-IT professionals.

    You might think it is best to deal with a disaster internally rather than bring in an outside party to help. But using Solvere One’s IT service for your disaster recovery and data management will give you a variety of benefits:

    • Peace of mind – you’ll know we are there for you when you need us
    • Experienced technicians – our IT professionals are ready to quickly get your disaster scenario under control
    • Helpful partner – we can provide assistance to help you get back on track, and we offer 24-hour support, so we’re there when you need us
    • Confidence – you can feel positive your business won’t suffer from the crisis
    • And more!

    Our white-glove, 24/7/365 IT support services will have you ready to confront whatever disaster comes your way.

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