Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing
  • Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing

    Pros and Cons of IT Outsourcing

    Outsourcing is extremely common in the IT industry, but it is important to note that all outsourcing is not the same. Outsourcing, in some circles, has become a dirty word associated with low-wage and low-quality shops set up in India, China, or another foreign country, but this is not always true. While a lot of outsourcing absolutely gets sent over seas, there are thousand of American outsourced IT firms.

    The quality you receive from an outsourced IT company can vary considerably, but choosing the right company can be a smart move for your company in many ways.

    Benefits of Outsourced IT Services

    There are a number of notable benefits to outsourcing some or all your company’s IT services, including (but not limited to):

    • Cost Savings – outsourced IT services are typically priced in a manner where you only pay for the time you use. Depending on the amount of IT work you have, this could provide tremendous cost savings. If you are a small or medium sized company that does not have a constant flow of work for an internal IT department, outsourcing your IT needs can save you tens of thousands of dollars per year. Why pay a full time employee if they do not have a full time work load?
    • Efficiency – Outsourced IT services generally provide far more scalability than an internal IT department. If you have a large project that needs to be taken care of, an outsourced IT company will be able to complete it faster than your limited internal IT department.
    • Expertise – Outsourcing your IT services allows you to get the wealth of knowledge at the entire IT services company rather than relying on one person or a small team of internal people at your own company.
    • And More!

    Cons of Outsourced IT Services

    With anything, there are always cons to go along with the pros. Some of the notable cons of outsourcing your IT services are:

    • Turnaround Times – For minor issues, turnaround time could be slower with outsourced IT services versus having someone on staff. Solvere One minimizes turnaround times with our 24/7 help desk services that allow us to diagnose and even fix many issues remotely.
    • Quality of Work – If you have very specific needs or very strict guidelines that must be met, you may find that the quality of work is less than satisfactory. With Solvere One, our IT professionals work with you every step of the way, ensuring the job is completed exactly to your specifications.
    • Linguistic Differences – If you outsource to a foreign firm, you may find that there are linguistic challenges that make some tasks more difficult than they should be. At Solvere One, our outsourced IT experts live right here in America, not in an office overseas

    Outsourced IT Services in Washington, DC

    If you are looking to reduce your IT costs through outsourcing, our IT augmentation  services are perfect for you. Our in-house team of IT experts have a vast array of experience and knowledge, ensuring that we can tackle any project you need. Contact us today to learn more about our outsourced IT services today. Call us at (202) 905-2722 or simply fill out the contact form on the right to get started!