Replacing Microsoft Office With iWork
  • Replacing Microsoft Office With iWork

    iWork Compatibility with Microsoft Office

    So you were trying to save some money for your business and went with iWork instead of Microsoft Office for your Mac computers, but you are worried that clients or other business may not be able to read your work documents. Don’t worry! iWork allows you to save in many different formats, including Microsoft Office formats.

    How to Use iWork

    Opening Word, PowerPoint or Excel files is as easy as dragging the specific file to the appropriate iWork program, ie: Word to Pages, PowerPoint to Keynote, and Excel to Numbers. Once you finish editing the file, you can easily save it as a Microsoft Office file. Go to “Save As,” then be sure to check the box that says, “Save copy as:” and choose the option you want it to save. For example, this is a page document that we are saving to a Word Document:








    Sharing Documents With iWork

    When you are ready to share your completed work, the easiest way to send your iWork file is to share it via Mail. Go to the “Share” button located at the top of your screen, click “Send via Email,” then choose the appropriate file. For our example we are choosing Word:






    Pages will automatically open Mail and start a new email with the Word document attached. You just have to add a recipient and a title to your message.

    In addition to the Microsoft Office suite, iWork will allow you to work with many formats and ways to express your ideas. With Pages, you can open plain text files as well as RTF files. In addition to Excel spreadsheets, Numbers can open up CSV, tab-delimited, vCard and Open Financial Exchange Files. Don’t forget Keynote—an effective replacement for PowerPoint. Your presentation can be seen as a PowerPoint, HTML file, image file, or a Quick Time movie with Keynote. Keynote will also allow you to share your presentation directly to YouTube. And of course, all iWork applications can save as PDFs.








    Using iWork on iPads and iPhones

    The iWork app is available on IOS devices, including iPads and iPhones, where it still retains the ability to edit and save documents as Microsoft Office files. This is especially useful if you’re on the go and need to edit that presentation before you walk into a meeting.

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