Information Rights Management

How does your business control access to certain documents? Can anyone edit or send a document? Can any of your employees access your website and make changes to it? Not keeping your documents, website, emails and other electronic aspects of your business protected from unauthorized access leaves your company at risk. Don’t upload a sensitive document onto your network and hope no one edits, forwards or prints it – be sure you are in control of who accesses what (and what they can do once they access something) on your business network. With Solvere One’s flat fee information rights management systems, you can protect the electronic elements of your business and control who is allowed to make changes to your documents, website, emails, etc. Don’t leave your important documents open for anyone to see; keep them safe with our identity management systems!

Windows Rights Management

We use Windows rights management as our information rights management system. Windows rights management allows you to add a security encryption to the electronic aspects of your business. This way, you can control who can forward certain emails, view specific documents, print something and more! No one will be able to misuse your sensitive documents, either on purpose or accidentally. More than likely, you trust all your employees with most aspects of your business. But everyone makes mistakes, so it is best to protect both yourself and your employees from accidental misuse of your files, website, etc. With Windows rights management as part of your information rights management system, you can still allow anyone you want to have access to anything you choose, while keeping out unauthorized users with a security encryption.

Our information rights management system will also give you peace of mind when you or your employees are working wirelessly. A hacker would be unable to get through the security encryption to see anything you want kept private. Similarly, you won’t need to worry about your employees sharing computers. With our information rights management systems, no one without the proper credentials can gain access to somewhere they don’t belong on your business network, no matter what computer they are using. If your clients have access to your business network, you can block them from seeing anything unnecessary. Don’t put your company’s good standing in jeopardy because a client accidentally sees a sensitive email or document. Secure your network with Windows rights management as a part of our information rights management services!

Information Rights Management Systems from Solvere One

Not sure if your business would benefit from an information rights management system? Let us show you the difference Windows right management will make for your business! Once you have your information rights management system in place, we’ll be there to offer support and solve any problems. We offer white-glove, 24/7/365 IT management with flat fee pricing for businesses in the Maryland, Virginia and Washington, DC area. We’ll always be there for you to make sure your businesses’ information rights management system is running smoothly. You can feel confident in the fact you have a team of IT professionals behind you every step of the way making sure your business network is completely secure! You’ve worked hard to make your business successful – why not do all you can to protect your success? Contact us for an information rights management system today!