Wireless Business Network Security


How do your employees connect to your wireless business network? Do they need a security key? If you don’t at the very minimum have a security key for your wireless network, your business is vulnerable to hackers right this second – an open network means it is open to everyone. But even a security key isn’t always enough! Hackers are very smart, and it is best to have additional security in place so you can rest assured your business network is completely secure. With us, you will feel completely confident – we will ensure only people who are allowed to use your network can get access to it. Best of all, you won’t have to pay more because we always use flat fee pricing! Protect your network with Solvere One’s wireless network security!

Wireless Security for Your Business

If you or your employees work wirelessly, you need to make sure no one else can sneak onto your network undetected. With Solvere One’s business network security, you will never have to worry about unauthorized access to your network. We use advanced wireless intrusion prevention (WIP) systems as part of our business network security. Wireless intrusion prevention systems monitor your network for unauthorized access so you’ll know right away if anyone unusual is trying to connect to your network. This way, you can prevent an attack rather than dealing with the aftermath! Why not be proactive about your business network security? You should be able to work wirelessly and not worry about your business network security, and with Solvere One, you can!

Benefits of Business Network Security

In addition to keeping your documents safe, a secure business network has several benefits:

  • Peace of mind – your clients will feel more comfortable giving you their information if they know you have a secure network
  • Fewer disruptions – fewer security breaches means more productivity
  • Less money – protect your network at a lower cost than hiring a full-time IT employee
  • Remote workspace capabilities – you and your employees can work securely from anywhere

Enjoy all these benefits and more with our business network security systems!

Business Network Security from Solvere One

Not sure what kind of wireless security your business needs? No problem, we have the expertise to help you decide! We will take a look at your current security situation and recommend what’s best for your business. But don’t worry, you won’t have to go alone from there! We offer white-glove, 24/7/365 IT management with flat fee pricing for your business. We’ll always be there for you to make sure the wireless security for your business is running smoothly. Our top-level support for businesses in the Maryland, Washington, DC and Virginia area is unrivaled – even the US Congress trusts their security to us! Unauthorized access to your network could mean stolen documents, trade secrets made public or a virus that keeps your employees from working. Don’t put your business’ network at risk – be proactive and contact Solvere One for business network security today!