Signs You Are Ready for a Virtual CISO
  • Signs You Are Ready for a Virtual CISO
    Signs You Are Ready for a Virtual CISO

    Signs You Are Ready for a Virtual CISO

    A chief information security officer (CISO) is an integral part of any smart security strategy. However, many companies in Northern Virginia can’t afford to hire such talent in-house. Virtual CISOs (vCISOs) provide the services of a regular CISO at a much lower cost.

    vCISOs are backed by their own IT staff to help develop a plan for your cybersecurity, keeping your business prepared and protected against malicious attacks. They provide economical services that can be invaluable for organizations of all sizes.

    If you have a small- or medium-sized business in Northern Virginia or DC, you might need the services of a CISO but aren’t sure how to hire one with your current resources.

    Is your company considering a virtual CISO? Here are a few signs you’re ready to begin working with these virtual professionals to augment your team’s security.

    Your Cybersecurity Needs Are Multi-Dimensional

    Having a strategy for your company’s cybersecurity is essential. Without such a plan, your networks stand little chance against attacks that are becoming ever more commonplace against organizations of smaller sizes.

    Even if your business has a limited budget and can’t afford to hire and retain a CISO on-site, you can still address all your cybersecurity needs with a vCISO.

    While a CISO is only one person, a vCISO comes back by a team with a range of skills and experiences which makes them ideal for helping firms with multi-faceted security requirements.

    Even if you aren’t sure what your DC business needs when it comes to your network protection, a vCISO can help you prioritize your challenges and create a comprehensive approach.

    You Have Limited In-House Talent

    If you don’t have a dedicated internal staff member for cybersecurity purposes, you can benefit from hiring a vCISO. Even if you have an on-site IT professional, a vCISO can fill in the gaps to provide complete protection.

    A vCISO can dedicate more time to monitoring your organization’s networks. If your one security employee takes a sick day or goes on vacation, you still have a vCISO and their team to keep your business safe and functional.

    When you take advantage of a virtual CISO, you can catch issues that would otherwise go undetected by IT personnel that may be limited or non-existent.

    A vCISO can dedicate more time to spotting potential breaches than your everyday staff, which makes them more adept at catching threats and mitigating your risk for a more proactive security strategy.

    You Can’t Keep Up With Security Threats

    Security threats are always evolving. With hundreds of thousands of cyberattacks daily, hackers are always finding new network vulnerabilities in Northern Virginia companies that don’t have the resources to protect against data breaches.

    Many business owners and their teams aren’t able to keep up with developing threats. A vCISO can help you manage these risks and has both previous in-depth experience regarding established threats and knowledge regarding new developments.

    When you hire a vCISO, you empower your organization to never be caught unprepared for a security disaster that has the potential to bankrupt your business and ruin your reputation.

    You Want the Most for Your Money

    Hiring a CISO can require paying a six-figure salary and is often out of the question for smaller firms. With a virtual CISO, you can get the most for your budget.

    CISOs are in high demand. Although you may not be able to afford a physical employee, you can benefit from a dynamic, experienced team of people to support your business goals and take concrete steps to implement the necessary changes to protect your networks.

    A virtual CISO allows you to better control your expenses while still having access to a broad range of talent. When you have a smaller business and want to get the most for your money, it might be time to hire a vCISO.

    Considering a vCISO?

    If you’re considering hiring a vCISO in DC, look for a company that has experience providing vCISO services to businesses of your size and industry. Ask what exactly you can expect from their virtual security solutions.

    The right provider for your vCISO services will augment your company’s existing security and provide the proper structure to continue benefitting your business into the future.

    Solvere One’s ONECISO is cost effective and designed to offer world class security at a fraction of the current market cost. ONECISO able to have verifiable industry experience with no executive/employee turnover.

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