FAQ: Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

What is a managed IT services provider?

  • A managed IT services provider, sometimes called an outsourced IT services provider, is an information technology services company that manages IT services for companies of any size. These services are beneficial to companies because they reduce IT costs and improve company network security and efficiency.

What does Solvere One provide through its small business managed IT Services?

How would my small business benefit from managed IT services?

  • Some of the proven benefits of Solvere One’s small business managed IT services include:
    • Reduced operating costs
    • Improved network performance
    • Improved network access
    • Higher employee satisfaction
    • Improved IT continuity
    • Peace of mind in knowing your IT services are in the hands of experts 24/7

How does Solvere One manage my small business’s IT needs if it is located outside of the Washington, DC area?

  • Although headquartered in the Washington, DC metro area, we have the capability to meet your small business’s IT needs anywhere.

Is my company too small for managed IT services?

  • No company is too small for our small business IT services. Depending on your company’s IT needs and the services you would like, we can develop a plan for you.

How can your small business managed IT services save my company money?

  • By leveraging our expertise and efficiency, you can significantly reduce operating costs by reducing HR and IT department burdens and improve productivity by eliminating IT staff training and vacation time.

Why do I need a plan? Why can’t I just call you when I have a problem?

  • Solvere One’s managed IT services for small businesses do more than just support problems that may pop up at any time. We provide proactive IT monitoring, maintenance and support to ensure network security and business continuity. Our proactive maintenance and monitoring approach resolves small problems before they grow into serious – and costly – IT issues.

What if I have an existing IT staff?

  • No problem. Many of our clients have an existing IT staff. If you already have an IT staff, we will work with them to relieve their daily responsibilities so they can focus on larger projects This allows your existing IT staff to work more efficiently, saving your small business time and money.

Do I get billed every time my staff contacts you for assistance?

  • No. Our flat fee managed IT services for small business owners include unlimited support for services included in your plan.

Can you support mobile employees that often work from home or on the road?

  • Yes. Our managed IT services for small businesses are available anywhere as long as your employees have an internet connection.

How do I get started with your managed IT services?

To get started with Solvere One’s managed IT services for small businesses, visit our contact page, call us or simply fill out the form to the right.