Top Apple Business Apps for iPhone & iPad
  • Top Apple Business Apps for iPhone & iPad

    Need help with your business? There is an App for that!

    Whether you are part of a Fortune 500 company or a small shop trying to get your foot in the door, Apple business apps, found through the App Store, can help.

    The App Store is usually located on the Home Screen of both iPads and iPhones. The store itself is fairly simple to navigate, with menu buttons at the bottom to guide you. If you are not quite sure what you are looking for, the category tab is a great place to start. Categories range from Business and Productivity to Music, Games and everything in-between.

    Apple Productivity Apps

    Apple business apps such as Pages, Keynote and Numbers allow you to have a complete desktop editing software suite in the palm of your hand. And fret not if you are a PC user—Pages, Keynote and Numbers will all save files to their Microsoft Office suite equivalent.

    If you’re in a meeting, there are a slew of business apps for iPhone and iPad to help you remember and prioritize meeting notes. Evernote allows you to type meeting notes into separate notebooks right in the app. If the meeting organizer allows, you can also run the Dragon Dictation app and have it do the typing for you.

    Once your meeting is over and you have multiple projects due at various times, the Wunderlist app will allow you to keep track, prioritize and  set reminders for important tasks.

    Remote Access App

    Another often overlooked app is iTap RDP. This app is especially useful if you have an iPad. iTap RDP allows you to remotely connect to your PC and function as you would if you were sitting in front of it (very handy on the commute in if that presentation due in 20 minutes is saved to your desktop!).

    Mobile Payment Processing App

    If you are a small shop, there are also business apps for you. If your company has a Facebook Page, Facebook Pages Manager lets you change, edit and interact with your page right from your iOS device. The Square Card Reader allows your business to have a selling platform anywhere. From the neighborhood lemonade stand, to brick and mortar stores and beyond, Square Card Reader requires no contracts or monthly fees and has one simple rate of 2.75 percent per transaction. Square Card Reader will even allow you to send receipts via email or text message.


    Built-In Apple Business Apps

    With all these third party apps, it is very easy to overlook the built-in apps such as Reminders, Voice Memos, Notes and Stocks. While sometimes simpler than their paid brethren, they are no less useful. We just scratched the surface of apps here today. The best way to find apps is to just venture to the App Store and explore!

    As an Apple support provider, we at Solvere One find these apps to be among the best business apps for iPhone and iPad that we work with and would recommend to any business owner. If you have questions regarding these or other Apple business apps, we provide comprehensive Apple Business IT Support for Macs, iPhones and iPads. Contact us today for setup, configuration, training and more!

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