What Is a Managed Service Provider – NEW Updated For 2019
  • What Is a Managed Service Provider  – NEW Updated For 2019
    What Is a Managed Service Provider – NEW Updated For 2019

    What Is a Managed Service Provider Considered?

    You’ve heard the term managed service provider (MSP) before, but what does it mean? An MSP is a company that helps proactively manage a business’ IT infrastructure.

    Many MSPs operate under a subscription model, which is typically more cost-effective for companies seeking these services. A provider conducts network monitoring, hardware maintenance, and professional guidance for your information technology.

    MSPs make it possible for businesses to take advantage of expert IT support when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it. What are some of the benefits of hiring an MSP in Washington DC?

    Establish Proactive Security Measures

    business technology managementWaiting until something goes wrong with your technology to fix it isn’t an efficient way to run your business. You don’t need to be a large corporation to experience a data breach that could impact your operations—and even bankrupt your company.

    MSPs keep on top of your IT security and maintain your systems so you don’t have to. By conducting updates as needed and implementing proactive security measures such as network monitoring, these professionals augment your network efficiency and security.

    MSPs are often a must for smaller organizations that can’t hire a security professional to keep their systems functional and safe, but businesses of any size can benefit from an MSP.

    A Managed Service Provider Offers Cost-Effective IT Solutions

    managed it dcInstead of paying for costly repairs when something goes wrong, managed service providers typically charge a flat fee for their services. This subscription model—usually offered on a monthly basis—allows companies to pay a lower maintenance fee rather than expensive one-time fixes.

    MSPs help prevent system malfunctions that cause downtime, which can cost you revenue (and in some cases, customers). How a provider structures their fee will vary, but some charge per device, per user, and some conduct all-inclusive prices for their services.

    For companies in Washington DC that want a better way to manage their IT, MSPs offer a cost-effective way to improve the efficiency of your business, control costs, and prevent malfunctions that can be taxing on smaller organizations.

    Supplement or Replace In-House IT Staff

    computer support for businessA managed service provider often works for small and medium-sized businesses as they tend to have a lack of affordable IT resources.

    It’s not an option for companies to go without some type of information technology support, particularly when it comes to cybersecurity. However, startups or companies that operate on a smaller scale often don’t have the means to hire the IT expertise they need to prevent problems.

    An MSP can supplement these organizations’ existing IT staff or even function as their IT staff. MSPs are outsourced so they’re more affordable and help smaller firms overcome hiring limitations while still working to prevent issues that can majorly disrupt their business.

    Does Your Business Need an MSP?

    If you need more expertise than what your in-house IT team can provide or you don’t have access to necessary IT support, consider hiring an MSP for your DC business. These professionals can enhance your operations, prevent downtime, and help you better manage your operating costs!