Why didn’t all my contacts transfer?!?
  • Why didn’t all my contacts transfer?!?

    Have you ever been frustrated when you transfer your contacts over from your blackberry device to outlook but for some reason not all the contacts transfer over? This issue is very common and we at Solvere One deal with it a lot.  Here is a quick guide to ABC Amber Converter which is the software we use to fix the issue.

    How it works: The ABC Amber converter is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a converter that takes all the items in your blackberry and puts them in an excel format that outlook will recognize. This way when you import the spreadsheet of your contacts it will import everything on your blackberry instead of missing a few items here and there.

    1. First make a back up of your blackberry using the blackberry desktop manager. Save the backup to a folder you can find easily – we recommend the desktop.

    2. Once the backup is created open ABC Amber Converter and open the back up file by choosing File -> Open -> browse to the desktop and choose the file.

    3. ABC Amber Converter will take a few minutes to open the file and then you will be able to see  all your contacts in the contacts tab.  (You will notice that there are many other items you can browse from the backup file also, but that’s for another time).  Select all the contacts in the contacts tab and then choose the “Export (destination)” and choose “XLS (MS Excel)” and click on save as.  A dialogue box will prompt you to choose a location and once again save it somewhere easy to find.

    4. Now you just need to import them into Outlook.  To do that go to File -> import and export -> import from another program or file -> choose “Comma separated values(DOS)” -> Click Browse and choose the file we created with ABC Amber Converter and then choose “Replace duplicated items” -> choose next and then import.  Outlook will take a couple of minutes to go through and add the contacts in and once it is done your Blackberry and Outlook will have the same contact lists.

    Of course we don’t expect you to do this yourself, but you never can tell when this information may come in handy for a personal Blackberry you may have.  If you are having issues with your Blackbery just talk to your Solvere One Systems Administrator and we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting for you and get it back into shape!


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