Why End-User Security Training Is Critical in Washington DC For 2021
  • Why End-User Security Training Is Critical in Washington DC For 2021
    Why End-User Security Training Is Critical in Washington DC For 2021

    End-User Security Training In Washington DC Is A Must in 2021

    When many business owners think about cybersecurity, malicious hackers come to mind. While it’s true that there are people out there who want to exploit your sensitive data, the biggest threat to your cybersecurity comes from inside your company walls.

    employee computer security training

    Hackers are skilled at manipulating human error, and the vast majority of cyberattacks can be traced back to employee mistakes. It’s vital that your business have some type of end-user security training in Washington DC to educate your team on how to protect data, identify and avoid threats, and create a safer network for everyone.

    Here’s why end-user security training is imperative to protecting your organization.

    Cyberattacks Cost American Businesses Billions of Dollars

    Cyberattacks are immensely expensive, and the cost typically varies on the size of your business and the scale of the attack. While smaller businesses can see a single cyberattack cost tens of thousands of dollars, larger businesses can see costs in the millions.

    In fact, cyberattacks and the consequences of such attacks cost American business billions of dollars every year and have the potential to bankrupt companies. Your staff, clients, and reputation are affected, and it can be difficult for businesses to come back from such damage.

    SOURCE: https://www.whitehouse.gov


    Most Security Breaches Are the Result of Your Employees

    Did you know that two-thirds of cyberattacks can be traced back to employee mistakes? Only 18 percent of attacks were identified as stemming from an external threat, and extortion amounted to just 2 percent.

    Research shows that 90 percent of all cyberattacks are the result of employee error, which could be prevented with end-user security training in Washington DC. Companies often don’t think of employees as the culprits, but they can make major errors that lead to exposure of sensitive information, even with seemingly meaningless actions.

    SOURCE: https://chiefexecutive.net

    Here’s How End-User Security Training Can Help

    Simple training can make a world of difference for your team and your network security. You can’t assume employees know basic security best practices, whether it’s ignoring a phishing email or not leaving a device out when visitors are present.

    End-user security training can help your organization:

      • Get everyone on the same page. It should be made clear that employee actions greatly impact the security of your data, and your staff should know what’s expected of them.
      • Review security best practices. By training users on device security, passwords, and phishing emails, you can prevent employees from being tricked into divulging critical information. Many workers simply don’t know better, but everyone can benefit from end-user security training.
      • Establish standards for mobile devices. Many people are bringing their own devices to work and using these devices to access or transmit sensitive data. Employees don’t realize that mobile devices can be just as much at risk, if not even more at risk, than computers to experience a security breach.
      • Practice physical security. Some data breaches can happen simply from a computer or mobile device being left out. It’s essential for staff to always be mindful of their actions when it comes to accessing, storing, and transmitting information.
      • Cover networks. Employees should be trained on the security of different network connections, especially if they use public networks to access or transmit company information that may not be encrypted across networks.

    Is Your Team Ready to Avoid a Threat?

    If you haven’t implemented end-user security training in Washington DC for your team, the time to do so is now. You can’t ignore the immense impact of human error when it comes to your company’s security. Cyberattacks are all too common and investing in training for your team will go a long way towards securing your networks!

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