Why Hire a CMMC Consultant and Finding the Right One in 2021
  • Why Hire a CMMC Consultant and Finding the Right One in 2021
    Why Hire a CMMC Consultant and Finding the Right One in 2021

    Benefits of Hiring a Consultant for CMMC Compliance

    hire a cmmc consultantContractors with the Department of Defense (DoD) are required to comply with the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). Contracts that require CMMC are already out, and by 2026, the DoD will require all contractors doing business with them to attain some level of compliance.

    There are five different levels of compliance based on your particular business and the work you do for the DoD. You may only need basic cyber hygiene practices, or you may need to implement more advanced ones.

    Although CMMC builds on NIST 800-171 standards, contractors are no longer able to self-attest compliance. Instead, they must pass a third-party audit for certification.

    While attaining CMMC may sound intimidating, if you’ve implemented the measures in NIST’s 800-171, you should be in a good position to implement the necessary controls for certification.

    But even if you have a solid start on the process, why hire a CMMC consultant to help? Here’s how a consultant can help you attain certification and how you can find the right professional to assist you.

    A Consultant Can Make the Process Simpler

    cyber security nistEven if you have an in-house IT team, understanding certification requirements can be challenging. And should you need to implement a higher level of security, there are more controls to interpret, which can make the process feel overwhelming.

    When you hire a CMMC consultant it can make the process feel easier and simplify the steps needed to gain compliance. A consultant typically starts by assessing where your business is now as far as the security controls go, then identifying gaps that need to be closed to attain certification.

    Consultants can work alone or supplement your in-house team to complete the process in the most efficient way. A consultant can also help you identify the most cost-effective approach to gain compliance so you don’t waste time and money getting certified.

    Get Set Up for Long-Term Compliance

    As we’ve already seen, DoD cybersecurity standards for contractors are changing over time. As these standards evolve and become more strict to minimize threats, it’s helpful to have a scalable structure in place so you can easily adjust your protocol as needed.

    • Help you understand what processes are needed to maintain your current level of compliance over time
    • Work with you deploy scalable technologies so you can adapt easily when compliance standards change
    • Supplement your in-house IT team’s knowledge and reduce effort when the time comes to adjust your protocols
    • Function as your outsourced IT team to recalibrate your standards as compliance requirements evolve

    While your consultant can and should do the technical work, they should also include you in the process so you understand what’s needed to maintain compliance.

    After their work is done, you’ll need to uphold the compliance standards, so it’s essential to work with a consultant who values this part of the process to reduce effort later.

    How to Hire a CMMC Consultant

    how to hire a cyber consultantBe sure to hire a CMMC consultant that is experienced in gaining compliance and continuing to meet evolving DoD security standards.

    Without a consultant, not only can the process take more time, but there’s a higher risk that you’ll fail the audit required for certification, which can mean more time and money spent on the process. Without certification, you won’t be able to bid for DoD contracts.

    Not to mention that failure to comply with the proposed standards can expose your business to additional cybersecurity threats, increasing the chances that your data would be compromised.

    • Any certifications the consultant may have. It helps if they have certifications specific to NIST or CMMC, which can demonstrate their experience with the controls and the process required to execute them.
    • Experience with businesses like yours. If your CMMC consultant has never worked with a company in your industry or of your size before, they may not be the best fit to help you streamline the compliance process.
    • Consistent communication and professionalism. Working with a consultant who does all the technical work for you and then leaves doesn’t help you maintain your efforts for compliance or make it easier to adjust your protocols in the future. You want a consultant that communicates with you and takes your involvement in the certification process seriously.

    Interviewing different consultants can help you get a feel for their competency and experience so you can make the best choice moving forward.

    Learn More About the CMMC Process

    cyber compliance consulting servicesThe CMMC process doesn’t have to be overwhelming, expensive, or time-consuming. Solvere One has over 20 years of experience helping clients comply with cybersecurity standards.

    We’re also proud of our partnership with SteelCloud, and we’re excited to share their CMMC for Dummies publication. Our team at Solvere One is your solution for all your CMMC needs—contact us today to learn more about the CMMC process and get started!

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