Will Facebook at Work Change Facebook at Work?
  • Will Facebook at Work Change Facebook at Work?

    A just-for-your-workplace version of Facebook—will it…work? In January of 2015, Facebook announced it was piloting Facebook at Work to a few companies for testing. A full launch is expected later this year.

    Facebook at Work is designed to make communication and collaboration with your coworkers easier. Your work account doesn’t have any crossover to your personal account, and it even looks different than traditional Facebook; it’s white instead of blue.

    Can this new version of Facebook really make your company more productive? Or will it be just as much of a distraction as regular Facebook?

    What We Know About Facebook at Work So Far

    Since it’s still in testing phase, we don’t know how successfully companies are integrating Facebook at Work into their systems. But we do know what the platform is said to offer:

    • A news feed that prioritizes posts from colleagues with whom you interact the most
    • The ability to make “Groups” for teams of people
    • Individual and group chat features
    • The ability to invite users to company events
    • Photo and video sharing
    • Document sharing
    • No ads or tracking of corporate data (as of now)

    What Could Go Wrong?

    Privacy is the big concern with Facebook at Work among tech watchers. Facebook is routinely criticized for its privacy snafus and communication with users regarding privacy, so it’s no surprise that people would be wary of using a Facebook platform to share corporate information, no matter what the developers promise.

    We’ll definitely be watching to see what happens when Facebook at Work officially launches.

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