Windows 8 for Businesses
  • Windows 8 for Businesses

    With the launch of Windows 8 late in 2012, Microsoft radically changed the familiar look that users had become accustomed to seeing since the early 1990s. Although the aesthetics of Windows 8 have changed dramatically, many of the features—including the traditional desktop—remain intact.

    For IT professionals, Windows 8 is sure to create a number of headaches as many users will take a while to adjust to the learning curve associated with using the new platform.

    Despite this, Windows 8 is actually built with businesses in mind. Microsoft’s strategy with Windows 8 was to create a uniform look across all platforms with fully-integrated cloud services and a Microsoft Office suite that’s accessible both locally and on the cloud. Windows 8 allows you to keep all your files and services available at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need them.

    Whether you are on a Windows 8 tablet, a Windows Phone, a laptop, or a desktop, Windows 8 delivers a consistent cross-platform interface that is seamlessly integrated across mobile and traditional platforms.

    Benefits of Windows 8 for Businesses

    Windows 8 provides a number of benefits for business users, including:

    • Improved security features. Windows 8 features offer a more secure foundation than previous Windows versions with new security features like Trusted Boot, BitLocker, and better data encryption.
    • Remote access and controls. Windows 8 makes managing your company’s technology simpler than ever. With one touch resets, remote access to Windows 8 devices, and one click factory resets, controlling your devices has never been easier. If a device with sensitive information has been lost, don’t fear; you can clear the memory from a remote location—making your hardware more secure than ever.
    • Cloud storage and computing. Windows 8 is fully integrated with SkyDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage solution. The newest version of Microsoft Office has been designed with Windows 8 in mind. Accessible both locally and via the cloud, you have access to Microsoft Office wherever you are. You can even save and open files from cloud storage—meaning you’re never more than a click away from your most important documents.
    • Versatility. Windows 8 was designed to be both touch and mouse friendly. Use the familiar desktop mode for traditional keyboard and mouse computing or switch the new start screen interface if using a touch screen device.
    • Performance. Windows 8 requires less computing power than previous versions of Windows—meaning you can multitask more effectively than ever.

    Windows 8 Training & Integration for Businesses

    If you are considering switching your business over to Windows 8—or already have—there are many things to consider. A successful change can be made easier with the help of a professional IT company. If you are interested in Windows 8 training for your business, contact Solvere One today. Our IT professionals can help train your employees on the new features of Windows 8 to make the transition to Windows 8 as smooth as possible.

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