The Benefits of File Hosting Services

How often has this scenario happened to you? You have a large file that you are unable to send by email due to administrator set capacity limits. Were you able to find a work around for this annoying issue? Maybe this forced you to go to the office on a weekend so you could save the large file to the server so your boss could get access to it. Possibly you divided the enormous file into multiple smaller documents that fall below email capacity limits leading to many attachments and and a confusing or incomplete document. Enter file hosting services. File hosting services are web sites specifically designed to host content, typically large files, that can be accessed anywhere. The goal of a file hosting service is to allow you to quickly upload your large file and get a download link in return which you can give to the person who needs access to the large file. There are a number of file hosting services online but a reputable one that we have used is Sendspace.

To use Sendspace simply go to their website and follow their quick upload guide. To be sure your file uploaded successfully all you have to do is check your inbox. Once the file has been successfully uploaded and the link has been sent, Sendspace sends a confirmation email so you can be sure the file made it to its final destination. Once the file has been downloaded Sendspace will even send you a link to delete the file so that you can remove it from their servers.

With any file hosting service there are different levels of membership and different costs associated with each level. Sendspace is no different, however for average use a membership is probably unnecessary since you can upload files up to 300 MB for free.

One major consideration with using any file hosting service is data security. Remember that your files are going to a third party server and then being made available via and email to your intended recipient. This method of transfer is by no means considered secure. We highly recommend that you do not use a file hosting service for any files you consider confidential. If you need to transfer large files securely talk to your Solvere One Systems Administrator and they will help you find a safe, secure solution.

So, next time you have a large file you need to send someone, there are a number of file hosting services readily available to make it possible.

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