The Pros and Cons of Wi-Fi

Is Wi-Fi Safe Enough for Business?

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without wi-fi?  Coffee shops would be less crowded, laptop technology would not be as advanced as it is today and the iPhone may never have been invented.  Like petroleum, the world is addicted to wi-fi.  With all of wi-fi’s benefits, it is no wonder that its is as popular as it is today.  Below are outlined the key benefits and concerns related to wifi.

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Benefits of Using Wi-Fi

  • Efficiency – Information transfer is fast and convenient.  For example, businesses can send price quotes to clients from remote locations.
  • Flexibility  – End users are not restricted to one physical location when connecting to a wireless network.  This enables more efficient use of space within an office setting.
  • Cost Effectiveness – Wireless networks are relatively cheap to install in an office environment.  It also enables greater options when selecting computer equipment.
  • Accessibility – Wi-fi is quite popular in a public setting such as a coffee shop, bookstore, hotel or restaurant.  Its available signal makes it easy to connect to the internet.

What to Watch Out for When Using Wi-Fi

  • Security – Wireless networks are considered more vulnerable to hacker attacks.  This involves unauthorized access to your personal network and can lead to sensitive information being stolen.  It is imperative to set up a strong password for your wireless network. In addition, encourage employees to use only HTTPS web sites and to enable SSL when using applications that connect to the internet. Wi-fi should be turned off when one is no longer using it.
  • Coverage – Wireless coverage areas have a limited range of connectivity (often from 50-300 ft).  Be aware of the range of the wireless signal you are connecting to. It is very frustrating to be dropped from the internet simply because you stepped out of the coverage area.
  • Speed – The transmission of data is usually slower than most wired networks. This is because wired networks generally support a greater bandwidth and can withstand greater amounts of network activity.

Make Sure Your Company’s Wi-Fi Is Secure

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