Virtualization for Small and Medium Businesses in 2022

Virtualization for Small and Medium Businesses

Virtualization first emerged more than a decade ago. In those ten plus years, virtualization has without question become one of the most important technologies in the IT industry.

Virtualization offers many benefits and can produce significant operating cost reductions for small and medium sized businesses. With virtualization, businesses no longer have to invest in physical servers, the hardware that is associated with them, the energy the consume, or the footprint they require in your building.

Advantages of Virtualization

There are many benefits to virtulization. Whether you’re a startup company or a large corporation, virtualization can be great for your business in more ways than one! Virtualization can:

  • Reduce your IT costs by 50-70% overall
  • Give you remote access to your servers
  • Allow your employees to collaborate more effectively
  • Increase IT efficiency
  • And more!

Types of Virtualization

There are two common methods of virtualization: desktop virtualization and server virtualization.

Server virtualization is the partitioning of a physical server into smaller virtual servers. This allows you the maximize your server resources by allowing a single server to handle multiple tasks rather than dedicating a new server to ever application or task.

Desktop virtualization is the second popular form of virtualization. Desktop virtualization allows you to access a desktop from any electronic device, anywhere, as long as an internet connection is available. You could also give several people access to a single desktop so they can more effectively work together.

Virtualization Services in MD, DC & VA

If you’re ready to see the difference VMware will make for your business, give Solvere One a call. We’ll help set up your virtualization systems, and since we offer flat fee pricing and 24/7/365 white-glove support, we’ll always be there to help when you need us and you won’t have to pay more! Virtualization will make a big difference to your Maryland, Northern Virginia or Washington, DC business, and we’ll guide you through the process. Contact us for virtualization services today!

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