Are Macs Good For Business?

How Good Are Macs For Business

Only a decade ago even hinting that Macs in the workplace were viable would have been met with laughter. Your choices for business computing then were Windows and….Windows. Today however, the story has changed. Apple’s success with mobile products has catapulted them into the spotlight and led to improved adoption rate for laptop and desktop products as well. Increasing market share has led to an explosion of development for Mac applications, leaving many business owners questioning whether they should consider the Apple ecosystem for their companies.

Advantages of Apple Products for Business Computing

Today, most major business computing software suites are available on the Mac computing platform, so what was once a major negative for Apple in the workplace is no longer a major problem. With many of the most popular business computing platforms shifting their applications to the cloud, their services can be used across any platform as long as an internet connection is present.

Although the above is not necessarily a positive over Windows (since Windows offers virtually all the same business computing suites), it does represent a positive over previous generations of Apple products. There are, however, many benefits to Apple products–most notably–security.

For years, Windows PCs and servers have been popular targets for hackers. With Windows commanding such a large percentage of the market, hackers devoted their time to the Windows ecosystem because their efforts were much more likely to be rewarded. Apple products were left relatively un-targeted, providing users with a greater level of security over Windows users. Although Apple products now own a larger share of the market, the still lack many of the security issues present on the Windows ecosystem.

The benefits vary by industry, but design, marketing, and other creative industries get the most benefit from the Apple ecosystem. Apple computers have long been a popular choice for these industries. With its unified user interface, built in design tools, core animation, Quartz windowing system, and open source friendliness, Mac is

Lastly, Macs are versatile. If you want to all the benefits of a Windows PC with the security of a Mac, no problem. Mac computers can actually dual boot and run the Windows operating system–giving you access to all the products that are exclusive to Windows.

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Disadvantages of Apple Products for Business Computing

One of the biggest disadvantages of Mac is cost. Apple products can cost significantly more than their Windows counterparts and unless you need the design advantages that Mac provides, then you may be better suited sticking with Windows PCs at your business.

Although Macs now have software suites like Microsoft Office, they still lack many of the major networking and communication apps that large businesses rely on every day. Although Apple has an impressive selection of apps for its devices, many of these are not well suited for day to day operations at large companies.

That said, Apple products can be a valuable commodity to any business–particularly those that rely on remote employees or have large in-house design or marketing departments. They can be a part of any computing network without being the only platform on that network. Mixed platform networks are fully possible and are probably the best way to go for the majority of businesses today.

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