Win Big With a CMMC Consultant in Washington DC in 2020

Advice on Finding a CMMC Consultant in Washington DC

cmmc complianceThe Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) will soon be the new standard for government contractors working with the Department of Defense (DoD). Starting as early as June 2020, CMMC will essentially replace the cyber security controls in NIST 800-171.

Anyone who plans on bidding for contracts with the DoD needs to attain CMMC. Unlike NIST 800-171 measures, which allowed contractors to self-attest their compliance, vendors will now need to be third-party audited and certified before being considered for any contracts.

Here’s what you need to know about the new certification requirements as well as how you can find the best CMMC consultant in Washington DC to help you gain compliance!

How Is CMMC Different From NIST 800-171?

Many of the controls in CMMC are the same as 800-171, but there are also new controls that contractors must implement, and it all will depend on the job you’re going after.

There are five different levels of certification, and not every contractor will need to attain the highest levels. Based on your specific contract, you may only need a level one or two certification, while others will need level four or five.


  • Level One: Basic Cyber Hygiene  (17 practices)
  • Level Two: Intermediate Cyber Hygiene  (72 practices)
  • Level Three: Good Cyber Hygiene  (130 practices)
  • Level Four: Proactive  (156 practices)
  • Level Five: Advanced/Progressive  (171 practices)

cmmc cyber securityIf there’s a specific contract you’d like to bid on, you’ll need to determine which level of certification is required. The necessary level will be listed in the Request for Proposals.

But how can you attain CMMC? One of the best ways to efficiently close the gaps in your cyber security and gain compliance is to work with a DC CMMC consultant. These consultants are well versed in CMMC standards and can simplify your efforts to meet the requirements before the deadline.

However, it’s important to work with a reputable provider, one that has experience working with companies like yours to help them meet the necessary controls and gain third-party certification.

Finding the Right CMMC Consultant in Washington DC

cyber consulting services dcMany government contractors simply don’t have the in-house resources to gain CMMC. The time and effort it would take these vendors to identify the missing elements in their security practices and implement the new controls by the deadline wouldn’t be practical.

Hiring a CMMC consultant in Washington DC can help streamline the compliance process. When you take advantage of cyber security consulting for the new DoD contractor requirements, you can leverage professional talent to effectively get your company where it needs to be to qualify for certification under an approved third-party auditor.

How can you find the right DC CMMC consultant for your business?


If there’s a specific contract you’d like to bid on or are just planning to bid on available contracts with the government in the future, know what level of certification you need. Whether you want to achieve the level necessary for your contract or need to get the certification process started for general contracts, have a goal in mind before searching for a provider.


Consider and evaluate a few cyber security consulting companies in Washington DC. Look at their reviews, certifications, and get in touch with them to assess their responsiveness. They should have clear communication, industry experience, and be able to fully assess your cyber security status and put a plan in place to help you achieve your goals.


When looking for a CMMC consultant in Washington DC, it’s essential to ask about their experience helping businesses like yours attain CMMC, particularly with the level of certification you need. Outsourcing can save you time and money, but without an experienced provider, you may not get the results you’re looking for.

dod contractors certification requirementsIt’s up to you to ensure you’re working with a provider that can deliver on the cyber security measures you need to attain certification.

The right consultant will be up-to-date on CMMC developments as they become available and work with you to customize solutions specific to your business. This way, you get everything you need to attain certification and nothing you don’t for a wholly efficient and cost-effective process.

Once the correct measures are in place, your consultant can also provide you with the necessary documentation you need for the third-party auditor, helping you gain compliance faster and more economically than you could have done in-house.

Considering a DC CMMC Consultant?

If you have a contract with the DoD or are considering bidding for one in the future, you must have the appropriate level of CMMC to be considered starting in just a few months. If you’re not in compliance yet, it’s time to consider working with an experienced CMMC consultant in DC to attain certification before the deadline!