Common Apple Computer Problems – Top 5 Problems We Fix
  • Common Apple Computer Problems – Top 5 Problems We Fix

    Common Apple Computer Problems – Top 5 problems We Fix

    Here at Solvere One we love Apple products. As an Apple Authorized Reseller, we have undergone additional apple training and place added emphasis on selling and service Apple products and services.   We love when our clients use Apple products because they’re easy to use and the issues Apple products have tend to be more minor than hardware from other companies.  While they tend to have fewer issues, no product is perfect.  When you have a problem with your Apple product, we want to help.  Whatever the problem is, we’re here to resolve it.

    Here are the most common Apple computer problems we fix:

    Common Apple Computer Problem 1: Running Out of Disk Space

    Ok, so this problem can affect any computer with a hard drive, and it’s a minor problem at that, but it’s something we can certainly help out with.  Most of the time this can be solved through a few simple steps such as emptying out the trash, uninstalling programs that are no longer used, getting rid of downloaded program images and cleaning up some temporary files.  What if everything is too important to get rid of? We can clone your current hard drive onto a larger drive – or provide computer backup solutions – which brings up to issue and solution number two.

    Common Apple Computer Problem 2:  Drive Cloning / Transfers

    If you have a computer long enough, this will eventually be an issue. Either your current hard drive fills up, you want to upgrade to a faster drive, or you want a new computer all together,  Solvere One is here to help you transfer data from one drive to the other. The great part about this is you can choose what to keep! You want to clone your entire drive as-is? We can do it! You only want the important files? We can do it!  The transfer itself won’t take longer than a few hours and then you’ll be right back to work where you left off! That is if you remember your password, which brings us to problem number three.

    Common Apple Computer Problem 3: Password Resets

    So you’ve powered up your Apple computer, got your coffee, and you’re ready to send out those important emails.  There’s just one problem, you can’t locate that little black book that has all your passwords in it and you can’t get logged into your Apple computer.  Don’t worry about it, Solvere One is here to help! Whether we reset it using an admin account of our own, or reset it using the command line or another tool, we’ll get it reset and get you back to work.  Once you’re logged in, you can get back to sending out that email, which brings us to problem number four.

    Common Apple Computer Problem 4: Email Application Configuration

    One of the most important things for a company in this day and age is email.  Having the right email application can go a long way in improving team communication, client communication, and overall productivity.  Solvere One is here to help with configuring whichever email application you or your company chooses to compliment your Apple product. We can help with the first time use and set-up, or help troubleshoot and figure out any issues that occur down the line. If it’s a first time set-up that we’re helping out with, there’s a good chance you’ll want our help with the issue covered in problem number five.

    Common Apple Computer Problem 5: Mapping Network Drives

    In a world where the cloud rules, there are still a good amount of companies who choose to host their files locally on network drives and share them out with their users.  We can help with setting up network drives, but once it’s set up, the most important part is getting the users connected to them.  This is a very fixable problem one of the more common support issues we resolve. While mapping a drive on an Apple product can be a little different than a Windows computer, it’s still a quick fix for us.

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    After seeing our top five issues it’s important to remember that while the issues are the most common one’s we fix on Apple Products, these issues can affect any PC out there as well.  All of these are rather minor problems but can completely inhibit the flow of day-to-day business which is why every problem, no matter the size, is a priority for Solvere One.

    If you are experiencing any of these problems with your Apple computers—or any other Apple product—contact us today for flat-rate Apple IT support.