Why Use Apple for Business?
  • Why Use Apple for Business?
    Why Use Apple for Business?

    Since Tim Cook’s rise to CEO at Apple, the company has been more actively courting the enterprise space—something Steve Jobs was never interested in. With its just-announced partnership with Cisco, Apple moves fully into business mode.

    Apple is joining up with Cisco to fully realize mobile’s potential to transform business by integrating Cisco’s collaboration products like video and web conferencing. This collaboration helps Apple get into business where it lives. From the Wall Street Journal:

    “Among other recent moves, Apple has developed a sales program with technology companies that create apps targeted at businesses. Apple is playing matchmaker to help companies bundle apps together for small businesses—coupling, for example, a digital cash-register app with a workplace scheduling app.”

    If you haven’t considered Apple for business in the past, now might be the time to take the leap.

    What Has Apple Done for Business Lately?

    Apple is offering more and more business-friendly features and applications.

    • iPad for business – Apple partnered with IBM in 2014 to build business-focused apps. Those new applications have definitely caught on with small businesses. Home service techs are using iPads to facilitate estimates and _____. iOS 9 is expected to debut in the fall of 2015, with Apple promising a host of new business features and management tools.
    • iPhone for business – Part of their partnership with Cisco involves optimizing networks and maximizing the potential of collaboration tools on the iPhone to make it a better fit for the business space.
    • Mac for business – Graphic designers have been loyal to Macs in the workplace forever, but now they are making slow inroads into the business side. Apple is hoping to further this trend by increasing connections and processes between Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

    How to Transition to Apple for Your Small Business

    Choosing the Right Apple Products – Different job requirements can often dictate the best system for use; for example, a creative department may desire to use a Mac running Mac OS X versus a PC running Windows because of increased functionality. If you aren’t sure how to integrate Apple products into your small business, Solvere can help. We can take a look at your business needs and recommend which devices and platforms will have the greatest benefit for your company. We’ll go over the options with you and help you choose what’s best for you and your employees—from computers to iPhones and iPads and even Apple Pay. Having an Apple IT support professional behind you allows you to offer your employees Apple products and devices that run the Mac OSX. You can increase productivity without risking productivity loss during transition because our Apple tech support professionals will be there with you every step of the way.

    Setup & Configuration – Apple IT support from Solvere One will set up all your Apple products so they are ready for you and your employees to use without losing valuable company time. We will also make sure your new products work perfectly within your existing system. We aim to make your transition as stress-free and as least detrimental to your productivity as possible.

    Training – Apple products can be great for your business—when your team knows how to use them to their full potential. To make sure you get the most out of your Apple products, call our Apple IT support professionals to train your employees. They’ll learn tips and tricks to effectively use their products to increase their productivity and grow your business.

    Get DC-Area Apple IT Support

    If you’re ready to make the transition to Apple, contact Solvere One for Apple IT support today. Solvere One provides white-glove 24/7/365 Apple IT support to businesses in the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC area. With us, you can lower your IT costs while growing your business with Apple products.

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