Customer Reviews

At Solvere One we take customer satisfaction very seriously. We strive every day to deliver nothing but the very best customer support possible. Our customers are our most important asset, and the relationships we build with them aim to be nothing short exceptional!

  • userHappy Client

    We had an unpleasant experience with our prior secure email vendor. A Solvere tech worked with them on my behalf but they were unresponsive and unhelpful when contact was successful. The Solvere tech then shopped for alternate vendor options and came up with a solution that is far superior to our current one. He liaised between the vendor and me on calls and in person to quickly get my company set up before our current application expired. This all happened in less than two weeks. Many thanks to Solvere.”

    userHappy Client

    Excellent! We had an urgent request to reset a domain account. I put "Urgent" in the title of the email and the response was super quick. Thank you!

    userHappy Client

    My experience was good because my tech was very patient and went the extra step. We even face time so he can get a good look at the cords and the back of my computer. I have put in so many tickets about my audio issue and he resolved it.

    userHappy Client

    The technician that we worked with was careful to get all of the facts I could provide, and thorough in troubleshooting the issue and solving my problem. He also gave me a tip on how to handle a Network dialog box, should it reappear in the future.”

  • userHappy Client

    The technician was fast in response, and fast in downloading the required software.

    userMitchell N.

    My problem was fixed quickly and painlessly!

    userCatherine R.

    I stated what I needed and within a few minutes Solvere had the program up and running. They were friendly and extremely helpful.

    userMolly K.

    Quick, easy, and solved my issue with my password.

    userJonathan C.

    Solvere was very helpful and knowledgeable while assisting our district office in setting up a computer on the House network.

  • userHappy Client

    The service was quick and the issue was resolved.

    userEmmalyn G.

    Extremely helpful, thank you!

    userRoss S.

    The service was quick and the issue was resolved.

    userElizabeth W.

    Great. Thx! Mailing from my iPhone so all is good. Desk top done working too

    userManal Y.

    SolvereOne support was quick and professional.

  • userHappy Client

    “The technician that we worked with was very attentive to my needs, listened and provided a solutions. I have been trying to get this fixed for months from our old IT partner and S1 finally solved my problems and made me feel important and listened to. Thank you!!”

    userCassandra B.

    Thank you for being attentive, patient and super helpful with completing this request! Have a fabulous weekenend!

    userMarven H.

    Kind and very quick thank you!

    userKip F.

    Solvere was great to work with and solved the issues I was having with Public Folders.

    userLonnie H.

    The technician was fast in response, and fast in downloading the required software.

  • userHappy Client

    Quick and simple. I'm not high Tech person neither in my native language so as non-English speaker I appreciate clear English (no slang, fast speaking etc.) and the guy was patient with me.

    userBen P.

    I appreciate their responsiveness and the fact that I can 100% trust their work. We’re also working with our phone provider to swap voice services, and their half of the project has not gone smoothly. S1’s work stands in contrast as ‘the way things should be done.’ Really glad to have you as a partner!

    userSuzanne P.

    Solvere was pleasant, patient, and knowledgeable. They resolved the issues in their control and gave me a direction to go to get the other issues taken care of. Thank you.

    userMaggie C.

    I appreciated the follow up from Solvere! Everything is open working! Thank you for the patience to work through it with me. Excellent Service - again!

    userTom D.

    Thank you for all your help. I greatly appreciate your quick done response. Great job!!

    userKelley N.

    Solvere was super helpful and resolved my issue right away!